Becoming a Minimalist Part III: Owning 100 Things or Less

20 Aug

View from Queen Anne | Seattle

An update on getting rid of nearly everything I own. Spoiler alert: I did it.

7 Famous People With Insomnia

19 Aug

Michael Jackson

Why exactly do we care about famous people with insomnia? Does it make us feel better to see someone we love dealing with the same problem? Do we revel in the fact that so many artists and gifted people seem mad in their own way? Sadly, so many people on this list burnt out and […]

The No Bullshit List of Free Binaural Beats

9 Aug

Photo by Gisela Giardino Due to the number of similar lists online that are total crap, I am making what I call the… No Bullshit List of Free Binaural Beats. view full post »

Mind Aerobics by Holosync

6 Jul

I’ve always had an immediate fascination paired with skepticism when it comes to Holosync and all brainwave entrainment products. I love the heck out of my Sirius Mind Machine but never reall view full post »

Does Marijuana Kill Brain Cells?

4 Jul

This Is Your Brain on Drugs.. Any Questions? Let’s start with the classics. Here something you might remember if you’re 30 and up. And yes, dear egg chef, actually I do have a question. “Does marijuana really kill brain cells?” OH – questions like these bring me to back to my childhood. I’m in elementary […]

The Causes of Sleep Deprivation

14 Jun

My Story With Sleep Problems Sleep deprivation sucks. There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to this – it plain sucks. I used to have problems falling asleep just about every single night. For me the problem all came down to one thing: lower ba view full post »

Sirius Mind Machine Review (Light and Sound Machine)

20 May

    Using a 20 or 30 minute session with the Sirius Mind Machine puts me in what I can only describe as a trance state. I’ll experience the rhythm of the beats in my ears and the fantastic lights merging and transforming throughout my entire field of vision and find myself overwhelmed with it, […]

My 10 Day Raw Food Experiment: A Summary of Eating Only Raw Foods

2 May

Raw Vegan Cake from Raw Food Made Easy

As I write this it’s the night of the 10th day where I’ve eaten only raw fruits, vegetables, greens, and nuts. It’s been a blast eating this way and I’m so happy I made the effort to try a 100% raw foods diet.   What Did I Eat? Here are some of the raw foods […]

Minimalism and Owning Less: Part II

10 Sep

Back on the 4th of July I wrote some thoughts on minimalism and owning less. Basically I want to get rid of as much stuff as possible that doesn’t really provide any value in my life. A simple enough proposition, view full post »

Can B6 Keep Me Awake At Night?

3 Aug

Insomnia by Smiley Stew

  People interested in their dreams have long noted the fascinating relationship between Vitamin B6 and dreams. My own interest in dreams is no exception: one of the earliest blog posts I ever wrote about documented my dream reports after taking B6. It’s something that still intrigues the hell out of me to this day. […]