Archive | December, 2006

Lucid Dream Token reality test: This is a Dream.

30 Dec

Dream Tokens take the concept of a reality test and put it on a beautiful golden coin. One side reads “This Is A Dream” and the other side has an image of an open palm, suggesting that you do a reality test by looking at your hands. This is a very neat little item. When […]

A Talk with Marc VanDeKeere on Lucid Dreaming, Brainwave Entrainment, Quantum Physics, Consciousness, and the Out of Body Experience

18 Dec

Marc VanDeKeere cannot easily be summed up. He’s a lucid dream enthusiast, a writer, an entrepeneur, a licensed hypnotherapist, a NLP practitioner, and, as he also proudly mentions on his website, a husband and a father. He’s the writer behind “The Ultimate Lucid Dreamers Manual” and the businessman behind Brain Wave Mind Voyages. He also […]