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Be Happy by H.E. Situ Rinpoche

29 Apr

How Well Can Can You Read in Your Dreams?

23 Apr

Can You Read In Your Dreams?

  I had a dream last night that Rob Bryanton from Imagining the Tenth Dimension wrote me a long letter. The pages were oversized and his handwriting style created big, large letters, making it appear almost comically cartoon-like. I knew I was dreaming when all I could read was the first line on each page, […]

Link-O-Rama: Dream Machines, Erowid, DMT, and…aliens?

22 Apr

Thought it’d be fun to share with ya’ll the most interesting websites I’ve been perusing lately. If people seem to enjoy this I will do it regularly. So here’s some cool links I’ve found recently…. Let’s start with DMT, Moses, and the Quest for Transcendence. In case the title isn’t weird enough for you, how […]

An excerpt from the The Joy of Living by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

22 Apr

Yesterday I was at Whole Foods drinking a Yuengling and reading The Joy of Living by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche in the outside cafe. This book is the best I’ve found so far on Buddhism – especially because it intertwines an understanding of quantum physics and neuroscience into a Buddhist framework for understanding the mind and […]

Mind Machine plus Marijuana = Marvelous

17 Apr

Getting high and taking in a session with my sound and light machine – also somewhat dramatically called a mind machine – is something I’ve been meaning to do for months. I finally got around to doing it a few nights ago. I took 3 or 4 bong hits, one after another, and then went […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report – Lucidity, Hypnopompic Dreaming, and Slacking Off

16 Apr

I spontaneously knew I was dreaming as I walked through my grandparents house. My father was in the kitchen and I look at him and ask him if he knows this is a dream. He’s nothing but smiles as he looks at me as if to say “Oh, I know!” I walk past him and […]

Chacruna Report by Juan from DreamMagick

13 Apr

Moon photo by Jason Bache

Here is another guest post by Juan from Dream Magick on his experiences in Peru. This could be the last addition by Juan to Dreaming Life as he has recently set up his own website to publish his writing himself! Please check out his site at Hello everyone! Since coming back from Peru I […]

Dreamed up phone number leads man to a bride

10 Apr

Okay maybe this is stupid to post on my blog but I think it was semi-amusing. A guy in London claims he woke up with a phone number in his head and decided to send it a text message. Long story short he ends up marrying the individual who had the phone number and it […]

Exploring the Oneiroverse with Chad Watts: On Lucid Dreams, Entheogens, and the Spiritual Experience

10 Apr

Pinhole by Virginia Park

  When I first started blogging, I naturally sought out other blogs on lucid dreaming. One of the most unique blogs out there was called Exploring the Oneiroverse, the contents of which were based on a book by fellow blogger and lucid dreamer Chad Watts. Soon enough, we started writing emails back and forth discussing […]

5 Tips On How To Improve Your Marriage Through Lucid Dreaming

9 Apr

Today I want to share 5 tips I’ve learned on improving your marriage through lucid dreaming. I know these have helped me a lot. And these tips are just as helpful to non-married couples who live together and some of these tips can even help strengthen a casual relationship, too. 1) Set the alarm clock […]