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How I Got Into Lucid Dreaming back in 1999

31 Jul

Psychedelic Roue by Aeruginosa

  I can’t remember the exact point when I first heard about lucid dreaming. I always maintained an interest in my own dream and I actually recall dreams that I had when I was maybe as young as 4 or 5 years old. But the earliest I can place my interest in lucid dreaming is […]

Wearing the God-Helmet for Out of Body Experiences and Alien Abductions

28 Jul

This is a fascinating 6 minute video into the research of Michael Persinger, inventor of the “God Helmet.” His research into out of body experiences, alien abductions, ghosts, and other “paranormal” phenomenon is predicated on the idea that these experience take place in the brain i.e. they’re an illusion and do not take place in […]

The Death of Lucid Dreaming

26 Jul

Will virtual reality mean the death of lucid dreaming? Recently I saw the movie eXistenZ by David Cronenburg. It’s about a fully-encompassing virtual reality game, where of course, something screwy happens and you begin to question what’s real and what’s not. To play, you have to surgically install a “bio-port” at the base of the […]

If everthing that happens is a result of karma…

26 Jul

If everything that happens is a result of karma… …then why should you have compassion for someone who was murdered? Let’s get to a real world example: If Daniel Pearl’s throat was slit ear to ear by Muslims extremists, according to the concept of karma, quite literally, wasn’t he was getting exactly what he deserverd? […]

Joe Griffin Responds To My Questions on the Expectation Fulfilment Theory of Dreaming

24 Jul

Earlier this month I wrote about the Expectation Fulfilment Theory of Dreaming by Joe Griffin. In my post I posed some hypothetical interview questions that I’d like to ask Joe Griffin. Much to my delight, he’s responded to them! And so I present to you a very short but interesting interview with Joe Griffin. 🙂 […]

Take Your Drug-Geekdom to the Next Level

24 Jul

A few months ago I officially became a member of Erowid, the most popular website on psychedelics and altered states of mind. I’ve used this website for years. I love it and I always said when I could, I would donate money to them, and so I finally did. 🙂 A bit after I joined, […]

SaltCube DVD on Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences

24 Jul

Here’s a few excerpts from SaltCube’s DVD titled “How to Lucid Dream and Have Out of Body Experiences.” I’ve heard great things about this DVD and these clips are quite impressive. Check out SaltCube for more info. Excerpt from “How To Do Wake Induced Lucid Dreams And OBEs” Excerpt: Tricking Your Body To Fall Asleep […]

Some Thoughts on Buddhism

18 Jul

Tonight I attended a Buddhist meetup discussion on the concept of the mind, and how the mind is actually seperate from the brain. Here’s some thoughts I jotted down while I was there. Please add your comments. Note: Meetup allows you to organize events based around a common interest. Anyone can start or attend a […]

NeuroSoup’s 2 Part Video on Entheogens

17 Jul

        Here’s a 2 part video on this woman’s personal experience on Entheogens and integrating the experiences into her day to day life. Very interesting stuff and I love that she just puts it all out there!!! Check out more at NeuroSoup, my favorite new website! 🙂

Video Clip on Using Entheogens INSIDE A Lucid Dream to Trip

17 Jul

  Today I found a very enthusiastic video about lucid dreaming and using entheogens INSIDE the dream to have a psychedelic trip.   She also discusses the idea of intentionally accessing the DMT inside our own body, as opposed to taking in from plants elsewhere, to experience its mindblowing effects, and using 5-MEO-DMT as to […]

Remember the Project?

17 Jul

Awhile back some people were putting together the website project. I’m not sure what happened but it’s now defunct. They made at least 5 episodes though, and these are still online . My favorite episode is below. Check out the rest of the episodes at theLucidTV page on YouTube.     Thanks goes out […]

Holy shit! Infinity Software for Lucid Dreaming is Awesome!

17 Jul

“What if you had the chance to do anything you wanted? What if right now, you could levitate out of your chair, and soar out the window and up into the clouds, observing every creation of your mind? What if you could live your ultimate dream like getting together with that crush, or becoming an […]