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Attention Fellow Bloggers!

13 Oct

The second edition of Dreaming Life’s carnival is coming out Novembe 28, 2007. If you’ve got a blog post about dreams, lucid dreaming, OBE, NDE, brain science, and even posts from a skeptic viewpoint on the aforementioned subjects, please submit something to be featured. Click here for the general info on the carnival. Click here […]

Aliens, Demons, and Sleep Paralysis : What a Way to Wake Up!

13 Oct

i want to be the absence of things. by Pixie Cosmina, on Flickr

    I’m in bed, lying on my side. I can see myself in the mirror, but I cannot move. My body feels like absolute dead weight. I struggle to move at all. I move my hands and arms around; I can feel it happening, but am puzzled because they are completely invisible, 100%. I […]

Announcing the Opening of Aether Lucid Dreaming Retreats in Tulum, Mexico!

9 Oct

It is with great excitement that I share with you the opening of a lucid dreaming retreat in Tulum, Mexico! The first official retreat comes up quick on November 1-8, 2007. After reviewing the itinerary of the week-long retreat, this is quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. Seriously. Don’t […]

Chad’s DXM Report # 2 : “I realized that tripping is a beautiful process of mind revealing itself to mind…”

9 Oct

Dark Side of the Moon by Jorgiim

  This last Sunday I made another trip / experiment with DXM. This time I purchased four bottles of the Robitussin Cough Gels for a grand total of 1200 mg of DXM. I made a few mistakes. I always make sure that I’m doing well both physically and mentally before I trip. The truth was […]

Chad’s DXM Report # 1 : “My mind felt as if it were floating away from my body”

8 Oct

Photo by Kyle Kruchok

  First the basics of a good DXM trip. Found this out by a mixture of web research and personal experimentation. 1. Check your local drug store for Robitussin Cough Gels. These are ideal for tripping purposes. You don’t have to worry about getting sick by having to drink a lot of nasty cough medicine […]

Carnival of Dreams, Mysticism, Near Death, and Out of Body Experiences: First Edition for October 2007

5 Oct

Welcome to the First Edition of Dreaming Life’s newest Carnival. I got many awesome entries this time around that I’m psyched to share with you. I was much more selective about what was included and what was not, so rest assured, you’re only getting the best of the best here. Thanks to all the bloggers […]

Help Me Create a New Website on Calea Zacatechichi – Experience Reports needed!

4 Oct

untitled by Aussiegall

  I am opening a new website dedicated solely to Calea Zacatechichi! I want to create the internet’s best resource on Calea Z, including history, preperation, methods of ingesting it, cultivation, and more. I especially want to create a resource that documents the relationship between Calea Zacetechichi and dreams. And this is what I need […]

Can anyone confirm that there are male/female Calea Z plants, only one of which is good for lucid dreaming?

4 Oct

Northernstar recently left the following comment on Calea Zacatechichi: Smoking, Drinking, and Encapsulating the Dream Herb: “There is something you are missing – just like Cannibas Sativa, Calea Z has a potent dark green female and a non-potent light green male. I have had both – and some head shops sell pouches of the light […]

Hey everybody, I’m back!

4 Oct

Hey everybody! I’m back from my trip to Belarus! My wife and I made it home safe after a grueling 24 hours of security checkpoints, layovers, and 3 flights covering many thousands of miles. The flights themselves offered one brilliant experience: that of watching the world that exists up in the sky, there in between […]