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My Erowid Extracts newsletter just came in the mail…

20 Nov

Yesterday I received a treat in the mail – my copy of Erowid’s members only newsletter, Erowid Extracts. This issue discusses tobacco in a sacred context, has articles on absinthe and ayahausca, book reviews, and some other tidbits. It also came with a small comic-book! One of my favorite parts of the newsletter is the […]

One of the Best Books On Lucid Dreaming… (that you’ve probably never heard of)

12 Nov

Control Your Dreams takes in a much wider scope than, say, the wonderful books on lucid dreaming written by Stephen LaBerge. Authors Jayne Gackenbach and Jane Bosveld tackle lucid dreaming at many, many different angles. While they explore the basic concepts of dreaming, what dreams are, interpretation, and techniques for working with your dreams on […]

Some Cool Dream / Consciousness Links I’ve Recently Found

11 Nov

There’s some really neat blogs and websites I’ve discovered recently that I want to share: The Dream Studies Portal: mumblings in the realm of dreaming, culture, and consciousness The author behind Dream Studies has credentials that include an MA in Consciousness Studies and a Certificate in Dream Studies from John F. Kennedy University. How cool […]

The Top 8 Movies on Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, and Assorted Mind-Weirdness

10 Nov

The Island by balt-arts

In keeping with this weeks earlier posts on movies, I decided to list all the good dream and lucid dream themed films out there! If you are interested in dreams, I think you’ll find these movies worth watching. Let me know what you think! You might notice some of these movies bleed into other mind-related […]

Dream Report : bad dreams, choppy dreams…

8 Nov

untitled by photo extremist

My dreams have been choppy lately, and my dream journal is in desperate need of attention. The two are probably related.   I had a really weird nightmarish dream the other night – demon children chasing me, weird symbolism and whatnot. I am sure this is related to some real life struggles. I see my […]

What happens when you combine mindblowing psychedelics with a sensory deprivation tank? A look at the film ALTERED STATES.

7 Nov

Official ALTERED STATES movie trailer: Plot Summary: A scientist takes drugs inside a sensory deprivation chamber, has crazy intense psychedelic trips, then genetically regresses into a primordial pre-human, ultimately regressing into the void of existence itself. The story revolves around a young scientist named Eddie Jessup, whose interest in his work overshadows everything else, including […]

Dreaming While Awake: Thoughts on the film Waking Life

5 Nov

My thoughts after seeing Waking Life: “Holy shit – this movie really is all about lucid dreaming!” “What the fuck was that guy talking about?” “This is really awesome and yet sometimes really boring.” “This guy talking about how turning on or off a light in a dream and how it won’t work – I […]

Why I Haven’t Posted In The Last 2 Week: Confession Time…

3 Nov

Life has been rough lately. Making that time for Dreaming Life between an increasingly demanding job, my role as a husband, and just dealing with my life is partly to blame, but it goes deeper than this. To be honest, I’ve been struggling with personal issues that have taken up much of my time and […]