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The Inception Movie and Dreams: 5 Things I Really Liked About This Film

26 Jul

SO I’m thrilled to say I saw INCEPTION tonight for my 30th birthday at IMAX. Verdict? It was pretty awesome. In fact, I’d say this is the best film that’s come along that is specifically about dreams and the architecture of the dreaming mind since Vanilla Sky was released in 2001. Instead of a movie […]

So I Went To This Buddhist Class Last Night … Part I

16 Jul

Last night I went to an introductory Buddhist class here in my town. I had a great time! And as can be expected, the experience got my brain cells moving around and you know I love it when that happens… I have been having a slow yet steady love affair with Buddhism for quite some […]

Dream #9: Dreamsigns & The Hilarity of How Dreams Mock Us

13 Jul

Photo by Ben

I’ve noticed before how my intentions with my own dreams often strike back in clever ways. For instance, when I was readily working with Calea Zacatechichi, it’s powers alluded me, even mocked me. I would have dreams about taking dream herbs instead of having lucid dreams or crazy vivid dreams! Ha! Oh Calea Z… Anyhow […]

Dream #8: The Exorcist

12 Jul

Art by Ben | Copyright 2010 | Dreaming Life

Lots of people have their personal nightmare; you know, the one that re-occurs overs the years, the one that horrifies them to the core, even if sometimes it doesn’t seem very scary when talking about it. Mine is something most people are familiar with: the 1970’s horror film, The Exorcist. When I was 10 years […]

Dream #7: Four False Awakenings in a Row, Down the Rabbit Hole We Go…

11 Jul

Photo By Colleen | Copyright 2010

False awakenings are one of those gifts from the dream gods. Ever so strange, even eerie, and somewhat rare in the grand scheme of dreaming – although I think everybody has one at one point or another. A couple years ago, in an attempt to induce a lucid dream, I had a series of repeated […]

Dream #6: Dreams of Being Other People

10 Jul

Untitled Art by Ben | Copyright 2010 | Dreaming Life

Having a dream where you are simultaneous you but also someone else is such a strange yet common occurrence. Here is a short dream I had where I was someone else not just once but twice, in the same dream. The first person I barely knew, he was  someone who helped spearhead some events I […]

Dream #5: Flying Vampires, Locusts, Violence & Biblical Imagery

9 Jul

Art by Ben Copyright 2010 Dreaming Life

This is another dream from the vaults, the experience of which has always stood out in my mind. Only 1 person has ever read this dream – he told me his Mom did dream interpretation, so I sent him this dream, to which he was sheepishly responded it was really long and maybe another time […]

Dream #4: A Very Symbolic Dream of Fighting & Reconciliation

8 Jul

Photo by Marisa

It’s rare that I have a dream whose meaning is so easily and obviously symbolic to what’s going on in my life in such blunt terms. This is one of the most literal dreams of that sort that I’ve had.  This dream is about problems my girlfriend (at the time) and I were having in […]

Dream #3: A Dream of Astral Traveling

7 Jul

Photo by Ben

Whenever I have a dream where I experience a small level of conscious awareness (or lucidity, if you will), and am able to think about the fact that I’m dreaming and do a few interesting things – often consisting of marveling at my hands and putting them through objects – when I wake up, I […]

Dream #2: Dream Archetypes & Sexual Dreams

6 Jul

Untitled By Ben. Copyright 2010 Dreaming Life

There is a woman who has appeared in my dreams for many, many years. A little while back, I realized she ceased to represent the person who she appears to be and had become a kind of archetype in my brain; a woman that represents some sort of ideal woman, a highly sexualized archetype, a […]

Dream #1: Childhood Dreams or “I’ll Poke Your Eye Out”

5 Jul

  One of the earliest dreams I ever had was an experience that scared me because for the longest time I never realized it was a dream. I reckon I was 4 or 5 years old at the time. Nearly 25 years later, I can still remember the man in this dream who threatened me. […]

Becoming a Minimalist: Thoughts on Owning Less and Living More

4 Jul

Part I: “The Things You Own, Ending Up Owning You.” While I don’t even own all that much stuff already, I feel there’s always room for improvement to own less. 🙂 Actually, the truth is, I’ve been reading about people doing things like owning 100 things or less and while I was recently traveling in […]