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Fake Urine?

27 Jun

Believe it or not, there is a small niche industry built around supplying people with fake, sythentic urine in order to pass a drug test pull a funny prank. Wait…pull a prank or scam your drug test? Which is it? See here’s on the deal on that: Technically it’s all bought and sold as a […]

Biofeedback Testing

22 Jun

I’ve always been fascinated with biofeedback, despite having had the chance to ever get my feet wet with it. The closest I’ve come is probably messing with mind machines and then there was that weird psychic experiment I did at Duke a couple years ago, too. But neither of those things qualify as biofeedback because […]

The Causes of Sleep Deprivation

14 Jun

My Story With Sleep Problems Sleep deprivation sucks. There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to this – it plain sucks. I used to have problems falling asleep just about every single night. For me the problem all came down to one thing: lower back pain. Here’s what would often happen: I would […]

Electromagnetic Therapy Machine

12 Jun

The term “electromagnetic therapy” can refer to a number of possible health related practices: In the field of alternative medicine, it refers to the use of treating pain, disease, and other health conditions through pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and electromagnetic radiation. In relation to mainstream medicine, it can refer to two things: PEMF therapy, which […]

Electric Stimulation Therapy

11 Jun

Looking for information on electric stimulation therapy? Read below to learn about it’s history and how it’s used currently for a variety of muscle related treatments. A Short History Work with EST has paralleled with the advancement of technology that could control and leverage electricity. A device known as a Leyden Jar, invented in 1745 […]

Quickscreen At Home Drug Test Accuracy

10 Jun

How accurate are the Quickscreen at home tests? According to the manufacturer, these tests are 99.9% accurate. This puts Quickscreen at home drug test accuracy on the same level of accuracy as tests conducted as a hospital, drug clinic, or other medical setting. In other words, as a parent you have the ability to run […]

Orange Juice Machine

10 Jun

With an orange juice machine you can do two things: make delicious orange juice and make a lot of money! For those of you looking into buying an orange juice machine for your retail business, keep reading. For those who are interested in “juicing” and making freshly squeezed orange juice at home, check out our […]

Piracetam Bulk Powder

8 Jun

Piracetam: What Is It? Piracetam is a smart drug (also called a “nootropic”) associated with a number of cognitive and memory health benefits. While prescribed and/or having it’s benefits associated with certain medical conditions (epilepsy, aphasia, alcholism, alzheimers, parkinson’s), its popularity is primarily due to healthy individuals interested in “smart drugs” who take it a […]

The Stainless Steel Juicer: 5 Good Juicers

7 Jun

Looking for a stainless steal juicer under $200? Below we will take a look at some popular juicers at a respectable price that I think you should consider when buying a stainless steel juicer. Let’s get to it! The Amazing Jack LuLanne and His Sweet Juicer Probably the most well known juicer out there is […]

The Swab Drug Test: Testing Kits and Information

6 Jun

Quick Summary Fast facts at a glance: A swab drug test is one of the most stringest and reliable drug testing procedures available. Parents can buy a mouth swab test, also called a saliva test or spit test, over the counter without the need to involve a doctor, medical professional, or expensive laboratory testing. Test […]

Drug Tests in Bulk

2 Jun

Marijuana Urine Test Kit – Pack of 25 25 Urine Test Strips for Marijuana Testing This is a very simple and easy to use at home drug test for marijuana. Note that this is easily one of the cheapest drug tests for marijuana you will ever find for at home testing. Benefits Includes: Reliable Results […]

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Urine?

1 Jun

How long does alcohol stay in urine? Look below for the answer as well as tips and products for removing alcohol from urine. How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Urine? About 24 hours. But the real question is how long can it be detected via a sample of urine? That depends on the drug tests […]