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Jesus Night Light

24 Aug

Jesus Night Light Figurine Click HERE to Buy or See More Pictures

Conair White Noise Machine Review

23 Aug

After using it every night for 5 years, I’ve finally written up a thorough review of my thoughts on the Conair white noise machine/sound therapy machine, model SUW1.

Insomnia Statistics

22 Aug

It is only fitting for me to put together a blog post on this as I’m now in my 3rd week of going to bed and not being able to fall asleep easily. It’s a total pain in the ass but at least I’m not alone. I have scoured the internet for survey data and […]

Becoming a Minimalist Part III: Owning 100 Things or Less

20 Aug

View from Queen Anne | Seattle

An update on getting rid of nearly everything I own. Spoiler alert: I did it.

7 Famous People With Insomnia

19 Aug

Michael Jackson

Why exactly do we care about famous people with insomnia? Does it make us feel better to see someone we love dealing with the same problem? Do we revel in the fact that so many artists and gifted people seem mad in their own way? Sadly, so many people on this list burnt out and […]

Alcohol Addiction Facts

18 Aug

Definition of Alcohol Addiction and Alcoholism Alcoholism: “An addiction to or dependency upon drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.” Source What actually makes up a single drink? “Do you know…. what’s considered 1 drink?” A standard drink is considered: 12 ounces of beer 5 ounces of wine 1.5 ounces of straight liquor ….and that the USDA […]

Anxiety and Alcohol

17 Aug

Introduction: A vivid memory comes to mind when I think of anxiety and alcohol. It’s 2006 and I’m supposed to go to a dance class with my (now ex) wife. I hate this and I have a horrible, horrible anxiety about having to dance with total strangers, but I do it anyway. I took 4 […]

Minnie Mouse Toddler Bedding

16 Aug

Minnie Mouse Toddler Bedding

Disney Mod Minnie Baby Bedding Set Great 3 Piece Set With an Awesome Looking Minnie Mouse Quilt My review: “This 3 piece set includes a dust ruffle, quilt, and fitted sheet… check out the quilt’s adorable art and squared pattern. All three items together make a good fit for a simple Minnie Mouse crib theme. […]

Hello Kitty Toddler Bedding

15 Aug

The 4 Piece Hello Kitty Toddler/Crib Bedding Set from Lambs & Ivy

Feel Free to Browse ALL Hello Kitty Bedding Items By Clicking Here Hello Kitty and Puppy- The 4 Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set A 4 Piece Pink Hello Kitty Toddler Bedding Set from Lambs & Ivy My review: “This fantastic 4 piece set from Lambs & Ivy features our darling Hello Kitty surrounded by candy […]

Oxycodone Drug Test

15 Aug

This page discusses oxycodone and drug tests. This includes questions and answers about how long oxycodone stays in urine, if it shows up on a standard urine drug test/extensive test/GC MS test, and more.

Kids Night Lights: 14 Awesome Designs for Kids Bedrooms

14 Aug

Click HERE to Browse ALL Night Lights for Kids. Superman Night Light This night features a sweet looking Superman logo. It also has an automatic light sensor so you never have to turn it on or off. Light bulb included, of course. Click Here to Check It Out Spiderman night Light Very unique design featuring […]

Fish Night Light

13 Aug

Angel Fish Night Light Clever Angelfish night light design Blue, On/Off Switch, 4 Watt C7 Bulb (replaceable), GE 50935. Click HERE to Buy or See More Pictures Rainbow Trout Night Light Hand Painted with a 3D Poly Resin Design From Rivers Edge. Uses On/Off Switch, Replaceable Bulb. Click HERE to Buy or See More Pictures […]