I Ran For 35 Minutes Today!

27 Aug

Trail by the Grand Canyon, AZ. Photo by Ben Jacobs.


Today I hit a mini-milestone in my efforts to be active and healthy: I ran for 35 minutes straight. Wahoo!

This is something only I’ve done a few times in my life, and all those times were in the 6 weeks in which I followed Bill Phillips brilliant Body for Life program (now called Transformation.) back in… eish! It was all the way back in 1999. So it’s been 11 years since I’ve ran this far!!

I’d been slowly upping the ante in my walks and runs, beginning all the way back in April 2010.

This involved first just walking for an hour, then adding a 10 minute run into my walks, then a 20 minute run, then alternating between running and walking for 5 minute intervals for 35 minutes, to then running for 35 minutes this afternoon.

It felt really wonderful to run* for that long, and my neighborhood has all sorts of natural hills in it – one of which feels like a small mountain when you’re running the damn thing – so that makes for a nice diverse workout.

*or should I say jog? It’s really more like jogging than running. But I like to think I’m a runner, not a “jogger.” Heh.

I then walked for 30 minutes after my run.

Final totals according to my lovely Timex Heart Rate Monitor:

Total Time: 1 hour 6 minutes
Average Heart Rate: 162 bpm
Peak Heart Rate: 188 bpm
Calories Burned: 1079

That last number made me particularly thrilled – most of my workouts are about half this, and this is the first time I hit over a 1,000 calories from a single training session. (So if you want to know how to burn 1,000 calories: run for 35 minutes, then walk for 30 minutes. Boom! There ya go.)

Very cool.

I’m thinking about blogging about this stuff all the time now because I’m started to really enjoy exercising and tracking all the data in my journal. A bit different than my normal posts on dreams but then again, maybe there’s something to dreaming and running a blogging about it. (I know my friend ZATAOD would agree.)

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