Aliens, Demons, and Sleep Paralysis : What a Way to Wake Up!

13 Oct

i want to be the absence of things. by Pixie Cosmina, on Flickr

i want to be the absence of things. by Pixie Cosmina



I’m in bed, lying on my side. I can see myself in the mirror, but I cannot move.

My body feels like absolute dead weight. I struggle to move at all.

I move my hands and arms around; I can feel it happening, but am puzzled because they are completely invisible, 100%. I don’t see them at all!

I hit my hand against the bed. Nothing.

I throw myself to the floor, and struggle to move bit by bit. Only I’ve not moved at all, now I’m again on the bed, lying on my side.

There are others in the room. I can’t see them, but they are there.

It’s 2 females. They are behind me. They are simply there, as “presences.” They are somehow controlling the situation. I understand that they can do whatever they want to me, including a “re-do” of this entire situation, erasing my memory of it, and replacing it with a new one of their choosing.

Iryna is there, although I don’t actually see her. She is resisting. Only one of the female presences ever speaks, and at this time she says for me to tell Iryna to do whatever they want. She doesn’t say it in these words, or even close to these words, but I understand.

The entire time, I’m still frozen on the bed. I don’t say anything. The same woman speaks again, repeating something 2 or 3 times. It’s directed at me, and it’s a threat. I fear I will feel pain coming at me from behind at any moment if I do not cooperate.

I then say in a dreary voice, “Do whatever Elisa wants. Do whatever Elisa wants.”

I am frightened. On my dresser I see the outlines of a small woman’s body lying there. Behind me, by looking in the mirror, I am able to see the outline of a man’s body through the blinds. His shadow stands there, watching.

Then I hear my cat make a small sound, and the whole dream / paralysis unlocks without hesitation.

I lay in bed for a second, baffled, and realized I am actually awake. I get up. I see there’s a pile of clothes on the dresser that without my glasses on does create the image of a woman’s body. I turn around and see that there is a shadowed outlined of a man’s body on the window, created by the trees and the sun. However, my wife is not here, and those 2 invisible entities in the room? They are gone, too.

My cat however is nearby, still playing and making noise.

This just happened 45 minutes ago. I’m still dazed by it.

I believe I’ve experienced sleep paralysis in combination with an open-eyed dream.

What I find fascinating with my experience is its parallels with UFO abduction stories, old-fashioned tales of demon-visits and possession, and even similarities to the reported effects of DMT.

Consider the following:

I am unable to move.
I have no control over the situation.
There are beings with god-like presences in the room with me.
These beings lack of physical presence, but I know how many, their gender, and can hear one of their voices.
They are making this situation what it is and can do whatever they want with me.
They can erase and replace my memory of this situation with whatever they choose.
They threaten my wife by making me tell her to do whatever they want.
I see 2 other people. It’s unclear if they are threats to me or who they are, but there presence is frightening.

In other words:

Invisible entities with god-like powers who have 100% control over me, paralyzing my body, who can do whatever they want to me and then erase my memory of it!

If I were living just a few hundred years ago, this dream would easily be interpreted as demons giving me a little visit in the night. The elements of the bed, the paralysis, and the understanding that they can do whatever they want to me and erase my memory of it, creates a sexual backdrop to the story. That being said, many people claimed to be raped by demons and even Satan himself in the night back just a few hundred years ago.

In modern times, a story like this fits in nicely with UFO stories, where aliens come in the night, paralyze you, and do whatever they want with you, and then erase your memory of it.


Was it demons or aliens?

Or maybe…

Maybe many experiences with demons, aliens, gods, and angels are based on a combination of sleep paralysis and an on-going dream, projected into the physical reality around the dreamer, watching with open eyes yet still dreaming?

Photo Credit: Pixie Cosmina

10 Responses to “Aliens, Demons, and Sleep Paralysis : What a Way to Wake Up!”

  1. Jeff October 13, 2007 at 5:54 pm #

    Really interesting experience…classic ‘night terrors’ / sleep paralysis.

    I have had similar experiences since I was a teenager…so, about the last thirty years. Paralysis with open eyed dreaming.

    What I find interesting is that these experiences have always been deeply unpleasant for me. Why are there no pleasant versions? Maybe there are (like a ‘visitation’ from a dead relative or benign spiritual being) but I would call them something else? A vision maybe?

    I have finally learned to recognise them for what they are as they are happening. In the last one I ‘awoke’ unable to move, aware that something terrible was clawing its way up the bedclothes towards my face. I was terrified but told myself that I was having a night terror and there was nothimg to worry about. As the creature came into view it turned into a tiny kitten. The spell was broken!

    For me (even though I know rationally it is not the case) there is usually the overwhelming sense of having been visited and under attack from a very real entity, though sometimes unseen. If these experiences are of objectively real beings then the fact that when faced in a relaxed state (as in ‘Senoi’ techniques)they transform into something benign suggests that it is one’s own fear which makes the experience so awful…rather like a bad trip.

    It is possible, though I have never experienced it personally, to move from sleep paralysis directly into lucid dreaming or an OOBE. The trick is to fully relax into the experience (not an easy thing to do when you are terrified out of your wits). The entities could then be conceived as archetypal guardians on the threshold of the Underworld..fears and anxieties which have to be faced before one can pass through into another kind of consciousness.

    In your experience the female presences are threatening to completely change your awareness, remaking it in a radically different way. Maybe that could be conceived as a fear of such a transformation? And the nature of dreams themselves is to do exactly what they want with you. We can awake and not even remember them. Not dissimilar to what the women are threatening to do.

    Aren’t all dreams ‘aliens’…always when we dream our bodies are paralysed, the dreams do what they want with us, take us to strange other-worldly places, and often erase our memeory of even having had them? Our waking self is ‘abducted’ every time we sleep.

    Perhaps our anxiety about this manifests in dreaming about the nature of dreaming itself? The phenomenon of dreaming is a very bizarre one to our waking rational mind. In a night terror we are caught up between the waking and dreaming state and our anxiety about losing ourselves is presumably at its peak. The ego struggles to drag itself out of the helplessness of the dreaming state as sleep drags us back. But recognised as non threatening it can be just another portal into lucid dreaming. Our ‘night visitors’ are simply dream helpers wearing the rather scary masks we have given them.

  2. Kris October 16, 2007 at 5:52 pm #

    Between the ages of about 9 to 16, I experienced sleep paralysis with open-eyed dreams on a regular basis, along with sleep paralysis without dreams (wide awake but with eyes closed and completely unable to move). Both situations were unsettling, to say the least. It still happens every once in a while.

    I found the sleep paralysis with open-eyed dreams more comforting than the alternative because at least the situation somewhat resembled a regular dream taking place in a dream version of my bedroom. I could compare the circumstances to a regular dream and the only true difference was that I couldn’t move my dream self as I would’ve been able to in a regular dream. The wide-awake form of sleep paralysis with no dreams was more frightening because I couldn’t find anything to justify the experience or anything to compare it to.

    Jeff wrote “What I find interesting is that these experiences have always been deeply unpleasant for me. Why are there no pleasant versions?”

    I’ve had several pleasant experiences, but I’ve noticed the pleasant versions usually occur more often when I’m able to relax into the experience and to make a very gentle effort to see through the experience to discover what’s really behind it. If I panic or struggle against the experience, it typically makes it worse rather than better.

    Jeff wrote: “Our waking self is ‘abducted’ every time we sleep.”

    Only because we allow it. 🙂 It doesn’t have to be that way. One thing I love about lucid dreaming is how it can teach us that our “typical” dream experience is only one way to experience the dreaming mind and there are other ways of experiencing the dreaming mind that can lead to much more insight and a deeper awareness.

    ~ Kris

  3. Jeff October 17, 2007 at 11:31 am #


    Do you think it would be desirable if all our dreams were lucid?

    Do our dreams, including the non lucid ones, have to be ‘useful’ in some way?

    This is something I am wondering about at the moment. I am just beginning to explore this in my Blog.

  4. Kris October 17, 2007 at 2:38 pm #

    Hi Jeff,

    Those are very good questions to ponder. I think about those same questions quite often. 🙂

    I’m honestly not sure if it would be desirable if all our dreams were lucid. If everyone was a lucid dreamer and was lucid during every dream, it would certainly change how people look at the world in waking life.

    Some people think lucid dreams are bad and you should allow your dreams to play out without your conscious interference, but that’s usually a sign that the person isn’t familiar with all the facets of lucid dreaming and doesn’t realize you can be lucid yet not try to control the events of the dream. You can still allow the dream to “do its own thing”.

    I think studying our dreams provides us with more insight into how the mind works, as well as more insight into waking life. A lot of what happens in waking life affects us on a subconscious level, and we don’t always realize exactly how we were affected. Our dreams offer the perfect way of gaining a better understanding of what goes on at that level. But, a person doesn’t need to be a lucid dreamer to study dreams for that purpose. Just keeping a daily dream journal can help in that regard.

    I don’t think every dream needs to be “useful” or needs to be analyzed for deeper signficance. Sometimes it’s nice to kick back and enjoy a dream purely for its entertainment value. 🙂

    ~ Kris

  5. Ryan October 25, 2007 at 12:05 am #

    very creepy experience. i just posted about this same topic a couple days ago, so i’m delighted to find another recent conversation about this bizarre altered state of “in-between.”

    my first sleep paralysis experience was as a child and i thought some sort of demon was trying to crush my chest. i thought about love as a universal force and as my fear diminished, so did the intense pressure.

    it’s interesting the different ways we interpret these experiences, isn’t it? in the middle ages they called it the “incubus effect” and the belief was that demons sat on your chest and could do whatever they wanted. ever read the visions of st theresa? some of her accounts sound like night terrors too, but with the “lance of god” doing the painful part. angels also could be pretty horrific. now aliens are scarier and more real to most of us… so there is certainly some cultural relativity here, but in my opinion that doesn’t mean we can just “explain” the experiences away. thanks for sharing!

  6. Liara Covert October 29, 2007 at 6:42 am #

    What if the Higher goal was to encourage all human beigns to experience lucid dreaming all the time? To become consciously aware of how you feel in a dream is a step toward empowering you to face your fear, overcome it and pass through the gate to more peaceful lucid dreaming. This gate to freedom is never beyond your reach unless you convince yourself otherwise. The basis for any other belief may in fact, be an illusion.

  7. Sophia October 29, 2007 at 5:06 pm #

    Wow, this is quite a thought-provoking theme and post. Great explorations you’ve made here.

  8. bobbym September 2, 2008 at 4:18 am #

    i experience similar dreams with a woman sitting on my chest and i am paralysed
    i have had 2 ex-girlfriends who experience similar dreams

  9. Nathan_Spellman January 5, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

    This happens very often with possessions… I’m not trying to scare anyone.
    In my opinion the alien/demon line is way thinner then what you have taken into account. Remember that horned red fellows are just representations of such beings though no one actually thinks that to be their actual look. And the blackness of the “grays” eyes, just creep me in a very special manner.
    I never related the 2 till my 20’s.
    If you research a bit you’ll find some info on the net.
    If the case presented in “The fourth Kind” is real… Then you have more prof; When the alien says he is God, you know right away who in creation wanted to be God. Speaking Sumerian makes me go to genesis chapter 6.
    I’ve experienced this all my life, sometimes in group! And I believe this are the spirits of the fallen one’s and they usually try to posses on people with open eyes and minds and those who could be very influencing to others.
    It happens during our teenage days because it’s when we actually realize whats right and wrong… And the fight for our soul begins.

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