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10 Aug

Alpha brainwave activity is associated with meditation, visualization, focused yet relaxed attention, and a peaceful sense of well being.
Below you’ll find a number of alpha meditation products – CDs, DVDs, mind machines, mp3 downloads, etc, as well as a closer look at meditation and the alpha state.

– Alpha Meditation: CD and DVD Products –

Here are some popular CDs and DVD’s for alpha meditation. Note that latter two come from Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, one of the most popular names in the field when it comes to brainwave entrainment music, Audiostsrobe, and mind machines.

AV3X Vol. 1 / Digital Meditation DVD

Crazy combination of psychedelic visuals paired with pulsed light and alpha/theta brainwave entrainment.
Best selling item, tons of 4 stars reviews. One of the more innovative alpha meditation products.

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Alpha Relaxation System 2.0

CD By Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
One the most famous researchers of sound/brain wave music.

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Thunderstorm with Alpha Brainwave Pulses

CD By Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
One the most famous researchers of sound/brain wave music.

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– Alpha Meditation: Mp3 Binaural Beats –

Here are some alpha meditation binaural beat mp3s for download. Please suggest some additional links to place here if you know of some free downloads or some really good ones worth buying.

– Alpha Meditation: Devices and Mind Machines –

Here’s a look at some devices you wear for getting to the alpha state. This involves wearing LED glasses and headphones which utilize pulsed light and binaural beats/isochronic tones to get into the desired alpha (or theta/delta/etc) rhythm. All 3 of these units are what’s called Sound and Light Machines, also called Mind Machines. Personally I am a huge fan of mind machines – they can give you amazing experiences – relaxing, for sure – but also psychedelic, trippy experiences that are almost like an out of body experience.

Sirius Sound and Light Machine

Lowest price mind machine with 21 programs. And yes, it’s awesome.
Check out my Sirius Mind Machine review. Watch out, it’s long!

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Proteus Light & Sound Mind Machine

The Next Step Up, Includes 50 programs.

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MindSpa Personal Development System

A Newer, Nicely Designed Mind Machine

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Benefits of Alpha Meditation Entrainment

With EEGs, we can pick up on a number of rhythms present in the brain concurrently. Over time, scientists have mapped out a dominant brainwave pattern that’s associated with different states of consciousness. The most talked about brain waves include:

  • Beta Waves – Associated with normal waking consciousness.
  • Alpha Waves – Associated with a focused yet relaxed, meditative state of mind.
  • Theta Waves -Associated with creativity, imagery, hypnogagic imagery, inspiration.
  • Delta Waves – Associated with …sleeping. Zzz.

The focus on alpha meditation is simple and twofold:

1. The Alpha brain state is associated with positive traits such as relaxation, attention, focus, and learning.
2. When scientists study Buddhists monks and accomplished meditators in general, they find a corresponding alpha state.

Because of this, there is a huge interest in methods for getting to the alpha state.

Meditation and The Alpha State of Mind: A Disclaimer

The alpha state is the natural outcome of meditation. It is a state of mind in which a person feels tranquil and focused at the same time, even peaceful.

But it’s important to clarify the difference between meditation leading to alpha versus alpha leading to meditation.

As the author of Meditation is Easy puts it:

Alpha is the state of mind in meditation. Meditation is the awareness of our true self in alpha.

It’s confusing, but the difference (as I see it) is that meditation allows for an awareness of the present moment, without judgement or attachment. This is the true self existing just as it is, and the brain wave patterns that correspond to this are predominately alpha rhythms.

But the distinction the author is making is that simply being in the alpha state doesn’t necessarily mean you will be in a meditative state.

That makes sense yet I hope it doesn’t dismiss the benefit or curiousity many people have in using meditation gadgets – those using binaural beats and brainwave entrainment methods – to help move the mind into an alpha state of mind.

I think the best approach for using an “alpha meditation mp3” (or software, etc) is to keep the above in mind while trying to meet it somewhere in the middle. i.e. Take what you can from using an alpha entrainment software/beat/m3, but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.


Alpha brain waves are not the only type of activity showing up in meditation research. Theta waves get some attention too. In fact, here is a fascinating article documenting research where meditators first entered into alpha states, and then, right on cue as they reported going into a state of thoughtless awareness, they moved into theta. Very interesting!

Studies/Sources/Citations Relevant to the Alpha / Meditation link:

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