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The Militant Vegan

30 Nov

The Militant Vegan . . .

Defense, Rescue, and Survival Hardline zine

30 Nov

Defense, Rescue, and Survival – A Journal of Hardline Emotion | Unveil The Lies Both Zines Published by Upstate New York Hardline


30 Nov

Eco-War | Earth Liberation Magazine | Hardline Zine . . . Note:I Stand Alone and Eco-War #3 were published and printed together on different sides of the fanzine.

Vanguard Hardline Zine

30 Nov

Vanguard – Hardline Manifesto | Official Hardline Zine …

Destroy Babylon Hardline Zine

30 Nov

Destroy Babylon Cincinnati Hardline

SEAL (Straight Edge Animal Liberation) zine

29 Nov

SEAL magazine from Minneapolis, MN, USA.

A Call To Arms Zine – Militant Records

29 Nov

A Call to Arms – Brian from Militant Records, Indiana, USA. Pretty sure only one issue was ever released. This issue had quite a bit of content.

Declaration Zine

29 Nov

Declaration Zine by Attack on Eden Communications / DC Hardline Declaration #1 Declaration #1 – alternate cover

Jesus Night Light

24 Aug

Jesus Night Light Figurine Click HERE to Buy or See More Pictures

Conair White Noise Machine Review

23 Aug

After using it every night for 5 years, I’ve finally written up a thorough review of my thoughts on the Conair white noise machine/sound therapy machine, model SUW1.

Insomnia Statistics

22 Aug

It is only fitting for me to put together a blog post on this as I’m now in my 3rd week of going to bed and not being able to fall asleep easily. It’s a total pain in the ass but at least I’m not alone. I have scoured the internet for survey data and […]

Becoming a Minimalist Part III: Owning 100 Things or Less

20 Aug

View from Queen Anne | Seattle

An update on getting rid of nearly everything I own. Spoiler alert: I did it.