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The Niacin Flush Drug Test Technique: WTF

3 Aug

Thinking of pulling the ol’ niacin flush drug test trick? Here’s some things to think about. Overdosing on niacin is a real possibility here. We all get a good laugh from headlines like “Morons Overdose on Niacin While Trying to Beat a Drug Test” (thank you Wired), but the point is that you really can […]

Drug Test for Spice

3 Aug

Is There a Drug Test for Spice? Yes.

Update: If you’re a parent looking to buy a Spice drug test, click here. How It Would Work Once the metabolite has been identified relative to Spice, drug testing companies need only to look for this metabolite in the sample in order to detect usage of the drug. In regards to substances such as K2 […]

Liquid Melatonin

3 Aug

Click HERE to Browse ALL Liquid Melatonin products at the lowest price. Natrol Liquid Melatonin 2.5 mg 8 ounce bottle. 2 ounce available, click picture to learn more. Click HERE To Buy or Read Reviews Now Foods Liquid Melatonin 3 mg 2 oz bottle, 3 mg per drop. Click HERE to Buy or Read Reviews […]

Lights Out Sleep Mask

2 Aug

Lights Out Sleep Mask

Here’s a great find for those of you looking for a sleep mask that is light weight, extremely comfortable, adjustable, and puts no pressure on the eyes. The contoured shape of the mask gives you “eye pockets”, allowing for blinking and free eye movement during REM sleep without touching the inside of the mask. I […]

TENS Pads Replacement

2 Aug

ESA Medical Premium 40 Pack Electrodes – 2×2 By Pro-Patch. Self-adhesive, Reusable TENS replacement pads. Click Here To Buy 16 Pack TENS Electrode Pads From LG MedSupply. 4 packs of 4. Up to 30 uses per pad. VERY inexpensive, click below to see price. Click Here To Buy 40 Pack – 2×2 Reusuable Carbon Electrodes […]

Gel Eye Mask

1 Aug

Sinus Mask by Elasto Gel A Durable, High Quality Best Selling Sinus Mask. Use Cold or Hot. Designed to relief sinus headaches and infections. Blue, Washable, One Size Fits All. Microwavable or Store in Freezer. Click HERE to Find The Lowest Price | Read Reviews Diane Gel Eye Mask A Nice Looking Blue Eye Mask […]

Home Remedies for Back Pain

1 Aug

Introduction Thank you so much for visiting my guide on home remedies for back pain. It means a lot to me to have you here. I’ve had to deal with back problems my whole life and frankly I know how much it sucks to deal with back pain. I’ve gotten to a point where 90% […]

Dying In Your Sleep

31 Jul

Dying in your sleep is greatly overrated. However, if you came here from google, don’t feel alone: my research tells me that almost 4,000 people a year google the topic. My hunch is that’s 2,000 people genuinely anxious about the subject for some reason or another, mostly unfounded, and the rest is split between people […]

Solar Powered Watches

30 Jul

Click HERE to Browse ALL Solar Powered Watches. Casio Solar Powered Watch – WS200H A Popular Digital Sports Watch Water Resistant, Solar Powered, Alarm Clock, Stop Watch, World Time Feature, Digital. Click to Buy or Read Reviews Citizen Eco-Drive Railroad Stainless Steel Watch Light Powered Men’s Watch – Fueled by Indoor Light OR Sunlight Sleek, […]

My Back Hurts…

29 Jul

Dammit, my back hurts, too! And it sucks. Back pain is horrible. Is this post I want to recommend some stretches and a couple different things that have been helpful for me, as well as point out what was NOT helpful for me. Here’s the topics I’ll be discussing: chiropractic care TENS and electric stimulation […]

EMS Unit

28 Jul

Look for an EMS unit? Here is a selection of recommended EMS units. You’ll find review information and links to buy each unit at the lowest price for each listing below. If you feel there’s anything left out or missing, please feel free to leave your comments below. EMS 7500 Digital Muscle Stimulator One of […]

TENS 7000

28 Jul

The TENS 7000 is the latest device for portable, at home pain management using electric stimulation therapy. After compiling our popular guide to to the TENS 3000 and receiving questions on the 7000 model, we decided to answer those in the form of a new guide specific to the TENS 7000 unit, which is what […]