Bi-Weekly Dream Report: B6 Dreams, Teeth Falling Out, People Dying, and I’m Back in School. Again, and Again.

12 Jul

Since my last dream report roughly a month ago, I’ve been good and written down my dreams nearly every night, had some fun with B6, and paid attention to two themes that just kept coming up in my dreams: work and school, the latter of which is strange since I finished high school in 1999 and attented a tech school for just 18 months in 2004.


Lots of dreams where I’m at work or interacting in non-work situations with the people I work with. Some of the dreams are stressful, surely a metaphor for the stress of work, but others are just casually strange with little emotion attached to them. Weird. Kinda boring too! I already work 40 hours a day – must I dream about it too?


I have so many dreams where I’m back in school again!

Usually I’ll find myself back in high school, although people I know from both middle and high school make appearances. Even a random girl from third grade showed up in a dream. I don’t recall thinking of her in years nor was she anyone I thought much of back then, just a classmate. Amazing how the mind pulls up such memories!

These dreams about school are starting to run into one another – after waking up I have the distinct feeling that the dream I’ve just had was part of a dream about school from before, and looking back in my dream journal, I can see I did have two dreams a few weeks a part about failing a class and wanting to just start over from scratch rather try and catch up. I’ve not noticed any continuity in my dreams before – and these dreams weren’t exactly like one long storyline, but they were very familiar and similiar in both content and location, so this is very strange to me.

I counted – since June, I’ve had 7 dreams that took place back in school, and 2 dreams taking place elsewhere but had people from school in them.

More Vitamin B6 Dream Experiments

I also did some B6 dream experiments for 3 nights in a row.

B6 definitely can have a crazy effect on my dreams, especially that first night.

(Click here for a more detailed B6 experiment I did last year.)

Here’s a short summary of a 3 day experiment :

  • Night One: 250MG B6

I had so so many long, detailed dreams, it’s hard to say where one dream ends and another begins.

So, I counted locations instead and found I was in 8 different locations throughout my dreams.

This was one of the nights I dreamt about school. The dream was extremely long and detailed and featured an abnormally large amount of dream characters.

Ultimately it was a metaphor for getting out of my old bad neighborhood, and the sympathy I feel for those still living there. I cannot emphasize how much in the dream I understood what it was like to be oppressed and trapped, but not even know it; it’s just something you’re a part of. It’s just your life.

This was one of those rare and amazing dreams where, upon waking and remembering it, you know you really truly felt something in the dream, something tangible and real, even if it was just emotion.

  • Night Two: 300MG B6

5 scenes. More dreams about class and a snake that was hundreds of feet long.

  • Night Three: 350 MG

Went to bed with a bloated stomach and was also very upset about something. Hardly recalled any dreams but damn can you believe it – had another dream with people from my high school. They were both people I see on myspace but don’t talk to their nor in real life.

Dreams of Note

  • I had the classic dream of MY TEETH FALLING OUT.

My two front teeth simply fell out. I was so so distraught over this and kept running my tongue over my empty gums, telling myself this can’t be real, this can’t be happening, over and over.

Then I partially woke up and could feel my real teeth, and what a wonderful sigh of relief this was to know they were still attached to my gums.

  • I dreamed that MY WIFE DIED.

It was a horrible, horrible dream. She had died and the agony was brutal. I lost it – animalistic sobbing, primal pain and suffering.

I find it fascinating that I can experience such horrible emotional agony in dream, and I don’t understand the reason for consciously making your dreams pain-free.

  • I dreamed about a shamanic ritual to the Gods.

It was beautiful, almost like a movie; wonderful cinematography, angles constantly changing, wide views of natural landscapes, timed sequencing of bow and arrows shooting, a Shaman singing a sacred song – perhaps this was the Shaman’s Icaro?

Overall, a beautiful and peaceful dream.

3 Responses to “Bi-Weekly Dream Report: B6 Dreams, Teeth Falling Out, People Dying, and I’m Back in School. Again, and Again.”

  1. zataod July 18, 2007 at 1:55 am #

    I’ve noticed that B6 has an effect on my recall and the vividness of my dreams. But if I take it on successive nights, the effect starts wearing off, so I try to take it very sporadically.

  2. Ben July 18, 2007 at 2:08 am #

    I can’t pinpoint how B6 will affect my dreams, no matter it’s been 4 or 5 nights straight or if it’s a dose out of the blue. It’s hit or miss, but usually a “hit”.

  3. zataod July 18, 2007 at 2:11 am #

    Given how my dreams have dried up the last couple months, I should start taking B6 again. I’ll try 200 mg tonight.

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