Bi-Weekly Dream Report : Weak Lucidity, Snakes, Work, Holes in my Hands

21 Aug

dream holes...dream hands.

My dreams have been plagued with work lately… case numbers, part numbers, phones ringing – it’s terrible!

There were many others dreams though…

1) There’s a hole in my palm on my left hand. I can’t believe this – I should probably go to the hospital right? In an effort to prove this isn’t a fake to others on the internet, I cup a flashlight to the top of my hand and out of my palm, the light shoots out like a laser. However, this causes the hole to close up, bleeding. The associated pain is intense!

The fact that I dream of something like this cracks me up. Why? Because every single day I look at my hands and count fingers fingers, and then imagine a hole in my palm, trying to visualize it or put a finger through it. And then I dream of something like this, and it never occurs to me that I might be dreaming.  (At least I know my subconscious has a sense of humor, right?)
2) Snakes! I dream of snakes a lot. Snakes and alligators…two dream signs. I have a fascination and a fear of reptiles. I’m amazed thinking that a portion of my brain is essentially the same as the reptilian brain.

3) A handful of semi-lucid dreams. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a full-blown lucid dream, but I’ve had lots of dreams with an element of conscious awareness to them. Short little lucid moments where I cave in to base desires and then wake up a minute later, or other strange dream sequences that end in me telling someone about the dream I just had, but I’m still dreaming.  Also one where I’m looking for leaking cologne and perfume bottles which I can smell but can’t find!

That’s it. Not much more to tell. I’ve been slacking off writing down my dreams in the last 6 weeks – perhaps now that I’ve publicly admitted to that, I will resume my daily dream journaling.

Photo by Mufan96.

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