Bi-Weekly Dream Reports: That Mischievous Dreaming Mind & A Short Lucid Dream

14 Jun

Bi-Weekly Dream ReportsI decided to bring the Bi-Weekly Dream Reports back. They generate more comments than many of my other posts, leading me to believe that it’s something people can relate to. Is this true – do you enjoy this aspect of the blog? Should I keep doing it?

The discussion this time centers around what a mischievous little bugger that dreaming mind is, and some thoughts about a lucid dream I recently had.

Dreaming Mind: Oh How You Love to Rub It In My Face!

My last post on eating food in a dream must still be floating around in my head.

I dreamt last night I was standing outside looking at a menu, hungry, imagining how wonderful it would be to eat some French Fries.

Was I lucid? No.

Did I eat them? No. (Dang!)

In the dream, I actually decided it’d be better to take that $7 a little further and spend it (and some more) to take my wife out with me and eat.

The irony of this dream is just hilarious to me though.

I had just written about dream-food and the picture I chose to illustrate this post is a bunch of french fries!

I do not think this is a coincidence!

It’s amazing how the dreaming mind recycles our experiences and thoughts – almost to the point of mocking us!?!

It’s like the dreaming brain takes pleasure in putting what we know, right in front of our faces, when it knows we aren’t paying attention.

Finally another Lucid Dream

My dream recall lately has just shot through the roof! It’s awesome.

It’s not a matter of trying anymore – it’s a real habit. Every day I wake up and write them down on my computer. Even if I can’t remember much when I start, a few minutes later I’ve recalled 3-7 dreams. It’s great and I am proud of myself.

I’m amazed at how in-depth many of these dreams are. Every few days I have a dream where the plot just keeps going, creating a very detailed, intricate dream that just blows my mind.

One thing that helps me remember these dreams is that, before I’ve even fully woken up, I’m half-awake going through all the dreams in my head, trying to sort the details out before fully waking up. (Ironically, this very often leads to dreams about writing my dreams down.)

I’ve tried many times to induce lucidity at this point, as it’s a sort of WILD/WBTB opportunity to do so. It certainly doesn’t always work, but this morning it did, and I had a funny little lucid dream.

It’s strange but I swear, I simply commanded myself to have a lucid dream, and I did. I’m looking at my hands, and I know it’s a dream. I’m in a café. There’s a blonde girl at the counter. I try to change her into someone else as I’m looking at her. I don’t specify or even think about who – I just want to see what I can do. It doesn’t work.

I remember how often I’ve read on the DreamViews board about people bringing dream characters into the dream by simply imagining them to be around the next corner. (Isn’t it strange that this link in memory exists in the dream to real life experiences? I know this is a very obvious aspect to the whole concept of a lucid or conscious dreaming, but even after all this time, this feat still amazes me.)

With this in mind, I had the dream character walk back behind a corner, and then walk back out. In an anti-climatic moment, the same dream character walked right back out. I laughed. She smiled. I walked out of the café.

I tried to think of what to do! I specifically remember thinking do something new, do something interesting.

I thought of what Lylak wrote in response to my post on dream flying and I tried to fly.

My memory of the dream at this point is spotty.

I know I tried to fly without really trying, just tried to let it happen, just like she said to do.
I also know around this time my ability to see in the dream started fading. Literally, like all my surrounding were just fading away. I thought to myself that this is a result of zoning out and not paying attention to the dream world around me.

(That’s something to keep in mind – perhaps paying better attention to the dream world at hand, specifically by looking/touching/feeling/experiencing, would help me engage the dream for longer periods of time.)

Also – I swear this dream took place in a café that was on the same street I was standing on as I looked at the menu, thinking about eating $7 french fries. Strange how the landscape is connected.

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  1. therapydoc June 19, 2007 at 5:11 pm #

    You write well, too, and it’s all so interesting! Thanks for complementing that post. It’s nice to get positive, not sarcastic or cynical feedback on the web. And I love the blue.

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