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TENS Pads Replacement

2 Aug

ESA Medical Premium 40 Pack Electrodes – 2×2 By Pro-Patch. Self-adhesive, Reusable TENS replacement pads. Click Here To Buy 16 Pack TENS Electrode Pads From LG MedSupply. 4 packs of 4. Up to 30 uses per pad. VERY inexpensive, click below to see price. Click Here To Buy 40 Pack – 2×2 Reusuable Carbon Electrodes […]

Home Remedies for Back Pain

1 Aug

Introduction Thank you so much for visiting my guide on home remedies for back pain. It means a lot to me to have you here. I’ve had to deal with back problems my whole life and frankly I know how much it sucks to deal with back pain. I’ve gotten to a point where 90% […]

My Back Hurts…

29 Jul

Dammit, my back hurts, too! And it sucks. Back pain is horrible. Is this post I want to recommend some stretches and a couple different things that have been helpful for me, as well as point out what was NOT helpful for me. Here’s the topics I’ll be discussing: chiropractic care TENS and electric stimulation […]

EMS Unit

28 Jul

Look for an EMS unit? Here is a selection of recommended EMS units. You’ll find review information and links to buy each unit at the lowest price for each listing below. If you feel there’s anything left out or missing, please feel free to leave your comments below. EMS 7500 Digital Muscle Stimulator One of […]

TENS 7000

28 Jul

The TENS 7000 is the latest device for portable, at home pain management using electric stimulation therapy. After compiling our popular guide to to the TENS 3000 and receiving questions on the 7000 model, we decided to answer those in the form of a new guide specific to the TENS 7000 unit, which is what […]

TENS 3000

28 Jul

The TENS 3000 is an amazing device for pain management. Below you’ll find both a guide and an introduction as we review this best selling TENS unit, as well as information on finding the lowest price, replacement pads, and the TENS 3000 manual. What is the TENS 3000? The TENS 3000 is a portable, affordable […]

The Osaki Massage Chair: Oh My….

6 Jul

An awesome, awesome chair. As it should be for the price! I’ve had back problems for what seems like my entire life and a lot of things that are supposed to help my back often hurt. This has sadly been the case many times I’ve had a professional massage and almost always the case when […]

Electromagnetic Therapy Machine

12 Jun

The term “electromagnetic therapy” can refer to a number of possible health related practices: In the field of alternative medicine, it refers to the use of treating pain, disease, and other health conditions through pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and electromagnetic radiation. In relation to mainstream medicine, it can refer to two things: PEMF therapy, which […]

Electric Stimulation Therapy

11 Jun

Looking for information on electric stimulation therapy? Read below to learn about it’s history and how it’s used currently for a variety of muscle related treatments. A Short History Work with EST has paralleled with the advancement of technology that could control and leverage electricity. A device known as a Leyden Jar, invented in 1745 […]