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Dream Journaling Through Life, Marriage, and Divorce

10 Aug

Dark Days Ahead by Perry McKenna

  Few readers of this blog know this, but I am going through a divorce right now. In fact, I am 3 months separated. It would suffice to say this is a pretty terrible period of my life.  The upheaval this has caused in my day to day living is one reason why my work […]

Why We Dream: The Expectation Fulfilment Theory of Dreaming

15 Jul

Recently I discovered a new website called Why We Dream, which explains a new theory of dreaming known as The Expectation Fulfilment Theory of Dreaming. This theory has been put together by psychologist Joe Griffin, co-author of the book Dreaming Reality, as well as the Director of Studies at MindsField college, and a big player […]

9 Tips For Improving Dream Recall To Make Your Dream Journal A Success

22 May

For years I’ve written my dreams down in different places; a day-to-day journal, a dream journal, on my home computer, on my work computer, even on post-it notes. It wasn’t until I started this website back in the fall of 2006 that I starting keeping an organized dream journal where I write my dreams down […]

Dispatches in Dream Interpretation: My First Dream Work Class

10 May

This week I went to the first of four Dream Work classes I’m taking at this new age Christian church in my town. These classes are based on the teachings of Jeremy Taylor and also to some degree on Carl Jung. So what is dream work? Essentially, we sit in a circle and share a […]