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The Most Fantastic Lucid Dream Of My Life

28 Aug

She Left The Door Open by HKD

  “Just had the longest, most extensive, lucid dream of my life” -from my dream journal, 2:50am, August 24, 2007   A few nights ago I had the most fantastic lucid dream of my life. This experience was far more fulfilling than any other lucid dream I’d ever had. I’ve never had a dream anywhere […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report : Weak Lucidity, Snakes, Work, Holes in my Hands

21 Aug

dream holes...dream hands.

My dreams have been plagued with work lately… case numbers, part numbers, phones ringing – it’s terrible! There were many others dreams though… 1) There’s a hole in my palm on my left hand. I can’t believe this – I should probably go to the hospital right? In an effort to prove this isn’t a […]

How I Got Into Lucid Dreaming back in 1999

31 Jul

Psychedelic Roue by Aeruginosa

  I can’t remember the exact point when I first heard about lucid dreaming. I always maintained an interest in my own dream and I actually recall dreams that I had when I was maybe as young as 4 or 5 years old. But the earliest I can place my interest in lucid dreaming is […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report: B6 Dreams, Teeth Falling Out, People Dying, and I’m Back in School. Again, and Again.

12 Jul

Since my last dream report roughly a month ago, I’ve been good and written down my dreams nearly every night, had some fun with B6, and paid attention to two themes that just kept coming up in my dreams: work and school, the latter of which is strange since I finished high school in 1999 […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Reports: That Mischievous Dreaming Mind & A Short Lucid Dream

14 Jun

I decided to bring the Bi-Weekly Dream Reports back. They generate more comments than many of my other posts, leading me to believe that it’s something people can relate to. Is this true – do you enjoy this aspect of the blog? Should I keep doing it? The discussion this time centers around what a […]

Dreaming about Stephen LaBerge: How Ironic!

5 Jun

It always cracks me up when I have dreams where the subject of Lucid Dreaming is staring at me in the face and yet it never occurs to me to question my reality and see if I am indeed in the middle of a dream. This happened a few nights ago when I dreamt of […]

Dreams of Flying

23 May

Peace dove by AlicePopkorn

  One of my youngest “dream memories” is a dream of flying. I was maybe 10 years. I was on my cousins open farm land and began running. I put my hands out and I flew. I just went up into the air and flew, it was as simple as that. It felt amazing, and […]

How Well Can Can You Read in Your Dreams?

23 Apr

Can You Read In Your Dreams?

  I had a dream last night that Rob Bryanton from Imagining the Tenth Dimension wrote me a long letter. The pages were oversized and his handwriting style created big, large letters, making it appear almost comically cartoon-like. I knew I was dreaming when all I could read was the first line on each page, […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report – Lucidity, Hypnopompic Dreaming, and Slacking Off

16 Apr

I spontaneously knew I was dreaming as I walked through my grandparents house. My father was in the kitchen and I look at him and ask him if he knows this is a dream. He’s nothing but smiles as he looks at me as if to say “Oh, I know!” I walk past him and […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report: Lucid Dreams all night long, Calea Z in a bong, 10x Calea Z capsules

30 Mar

The other night I had lucid dreams all night long. Funny, as nothing seemed to particular cause this except for an uncomfortable bed. Somewhat like the Wake Back to Bed (WBTB) method for lucid dream induction, the pain in my back and shoulders kept me half-conscious throughout the night. What kills me is I know […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report – Spectacular Lucid Dreams, Therapeutic Offerings, and a Revelation…

11 Mar

I feel like I’m making real progress here in attaining and understanding the nature of becoming conscious in the dream-state. I also had a “big moment” where a dream I had showed to me something I couldn’t see or understand in my waking life. Lucid Dream # 1 One of them involved the peculiar strangeness […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report #3: Calea Z Mockery & Psychedelic Imagery

1 Mar

Perhaps the funniest event to note this time around is that, after conducting my latest Calea Z experiments (taking the dream herb in pills, smoking it, and drinking it as a tea) I dreamt I was at a party where someone offered me Calea Z. pills. They were about 3 or 4 inches long, and […]