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Bi-Weekly Dream Report #2: Dream Signs, Lucid Dreaming, Calea Zacatechichi

10 Feb

Dream Signs The last weeks I’ve been searching to discover what my dream signs are. By reviewing my dream journals and paying attention to my current nightly dreams, I’ve come up with a thorough description of my personal dream signs. What are dream signs? Basically this term refers to dream elements that reoccur throughout many […]

Update: Lucid Dreaming in 2 Weeks: a MILD Technique Experiment

27 Jan

2 weeks have passed and I’ve had a few interesting experiences and observations since I proclaimed I would practice MILD every night. (Disclaimer: I admit, I didn’t do it every night, but almost!) One effect I noticed is that heavily focusing on having a lucid dream can be a trying ordeal. You can’t push yourself […]

Using Vitamin B6 for Dream Enhancement and Lucid Dreams

30 Oct

Vitamin B6 Dream Experiments

  Summary: Experimenting with doses between 150-400 MG over the course of 5 nights, I discovered that taking B6 in doses between 200-400 MG had an obvious effect on my dreams. They became aggressive, odd, vivid, often mean-spirited and disturbing. Only once did I experience a lucid dream. Night One: 150 MG B6 I had […]