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Alcohol Addiction Facts

18 Aug

Definition of Alcohol Addiction and Alcoholism Alcoholism: “An addiction to or dependency upon drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.” Source What actually makes up a single drink? “Do you know…. what’s considered 1 drink?” A standard drink is considered: 12 ounces of beer 5 ounces of wine 1.5 ounces of straight liquor ….and that the USDA […]

Anxiety and Alcohol

17 Aug

Introduction: A vivid memory comes to mind when I think of anxiety and alcohol. It’s 2006 and I’m supposed to go to a dance class with my (now ex) wife. I hate this and I have a horrible, horrible anxiety about having to dance with total strangers, but I do it anyway. I took 4 […]

Probation Alcohol Testing

12 Aug

This article provides general advice and information on probation alcohol testing. Please add your questions, experiences (the same? different?), and comments. Note: Nothing here is legal advice and the details are entirely dependent on your specific case. We’ll start with the most basic question everyone has in this situation. How does alcohol testing for probation […]

EtG Alcohol Testing

10 Aug

ETG alcohol testing detects the presence of ethanol metabolites in urine to determine if a person has been drinking or not. As you probably know, ethanol is found in all alcohol beverages. As alcohol goes through the body it is metabolized, and like many drug tests, the identification of the corresponding metabolite is the marker […]

Immunoassay Drug Test

10 Aug

Buy an Immunoassay Drug Test Kit Click Here to Buy or Read About this 6-Panel Immunoassay Urine Drug Test Kit Below is a guide to immunoassay testing for drugs that explains the basic principles the test is based on and the different methods or variations of the test as its practiced. What is an Immunoassay […]

Drug Testing Facts

8 Aug

This is what lab techs are doing with your urine samples. :)

Cheating is Widespread While there’s no official numbers nor any real way to determine how many people are fooling drug tests, two figures available do point to how widespread and normal it is for people to “cheat” on their drug test: In June 2010, a county program in Oregon responsible for dealing with drug tests […]

6 Panel Drug Test

5 Aug

What Drugs Are Tested For in a 6 Panel Test? The standard 6 panel drug test will start with the following 4 substances: marijuana, cocaine, and meth, amphetamines. Then you’ll find some variation as to what the remaining 2 drugs are. It’s usually two from this list: PCP, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, and Ecstacy (MDMA). Here’s a […]

CVS Drug Test

4 Aug

If you would like to buy any CVS drug test kit, you may do so below by clicking on the link or the photo of the product. These drug testing kits are available at all CVS pharmacies without a prescription. They are primarily used by parents who wish to private conduct a drug test privately […]

GC MS Drug Test

3 Aug

Welcome to the GC MS Drug Test guide. Most every thing out there on the internet about GC/MS drug testing is based on a small section of a 1998 FAQ written by Justin Gombos, currently archived at Erowid. You will quickly see again and again the same information copied verbatim from this guide on various […]

Drug Test for Spice

3 Aug

Is There a Drug Test for Spice? Yes.

Update: If you’re a parent looking to buy a Spice drug test, click here. How It Would Work Once the metabolite has been identified relative to Spice, drug testing companies need only to look for this metabolite in the sample in order to detect usage of the drug. In regards to substances such as K2 […]

Ambien Drug Test FAQ

3 Jul

I’ve compiled an Ambien Drug Test FAQ to try and resolve the many questions surrounding ambien and having to take a drug test. The short answer is: it’s highly unlikely that ambien is going to show up any drug tests you’re taking. For the details, read on. Ambient Drug Test FAQ Will Ambien show up […]

Zydot Shampoo

3 Jul

While I suppose for legal purposes they never specifically mention it on their Amazon product page for Zydot, but the shampoo is designed specifically to remove drug metabolites from your hair. Plain and simple. How does it supposedly work though? Does it work? Where can I buy it? We’ll review these questions one by one, […]