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Oxycodone Drug Test

15 Aug

This page discusses oxycodone and drug tests. This includes questions and answers about how long oxycodone stays in urine, if it shows up on a standard urine drug test/extensive test/GC MS test, and more.

The Niacin Flush Drug Test Technique: WTF

3 Aug

Thinking of pulling the ol’ niacin flush drug test trick? Here’s some things to think about. Overdosing on niacin is a real possibility here. We all get a good laugh from headlines like “Morons Overdose on Niacin While Trying to Beat a Drug Test” (thank you Wired), but the point is that you really can […]

Hair Follicle Test

23 Jul

A Complete Guide to Hair Follicle Drug Testing   What is a Hair Follicle Test and how do they work? It’s a drug test that uses a sample of a persons hair to test for drugs. Note: It’s actually inaccurate to use the term “hair follicle test, as the test does not test the follicle […]

Damiana Tea

22 Jul

A flower from the Turnera Diffusa plant AKA Damiana

A look at the relaxing effects of Damiana, as well as its reputation as a sex enhancer / aphrodisiac, and it’s effects on vivid, erotic, and even lucid dreams.

Does Marijuana Kill Brain Cells?

4 Jul

Brain Coral Reef Photo by Audi Insperation

This Is Your Brain on Drugs.. Any Questions? Let’s start with the classics. Here something you might remember if you’re 30 and up. And yes, dear egg chef, actually I do have a question. “Does marijuana really kill brain cells?” OH – questions like these bring me to back to my childhood. I’m in elementary […]

The Detox Drinks FAQ

4 Jul

Detox drinks are used to cleanse, mask, or remove the body of drug metabolites and other chemicals in urine that are associated with the presense of illegal drugs. In my research on drug testing it’s become clear that an actual, organized frequently asked questions about detox drinks would be very helpful to a lot of […]

Pain Pill Addiction: Getting Off Pain Pills

3 Jul

As shown in a recent US government report showing a 4-fold increase in drug treatment admissions for prescription drug abuse, pain pill addiction is a very real problem. When you take into consideration that millions and millions of these pills are manufactured and distributed each year, it’s no shock that many are diverted to the […]

Fake Urine?

27 Jun

Believe it or not, there is a small niche industry built around supplying people with fake, sythentic urine in order to pass a drug test pull a funny prank. Wait…pull a prank or scam your drug test? Which is it? See here’s on the deal on that: Technically it’s all bought and sold as a […]

Poppy Seed Tea Can Kill You

15 Aug

This is really interesting: The parents who run this site had their son die after consuming a large dose of self-made poppy seed tea. The site was set up as a “information service” to others about the dangers of how it can happen. It’s not full of crazy hype. It just is what it is. Much […]

Panel Discussion: Will we ever have a magic pill for lucid dreaming? (Plus the potential of DMT.)

11 Dec

untitled by Aussiegall

  The Panel Discussion is a new feature I would like to do every month. The idea is to throw out an interesting question to a group of people (some of the most interesting and intelligent people I know) and post the response for everyone to see. The question is then open to everyone reading […]

What happens when you combine mindblowing psychedelics with a sensory deprivation tank? A look at the film ALTERED STATES.

7 Nov

Official ALTERED STATES movie trailer: Plot Summary: A scientist takes drugs inside a sensory deprivation chamber, has crazy intense psychedelic trips, then genetically regresses into a primordial pre-human, ultimately regressing into the void of existence itself. The story revolves around a young scientist named Eddie Jessup, whose interest in his work overshadows everything else, including […]

Trailer for Entheogen : Awakening the Divine Within (interview later this week!)

4 Sep

Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within

Below is a 9 minute trailer video for the film ENTHEOGEN: Awakening the Divine Within. I’ll be posting an interview with director Rod Mann later this week! Official description: “Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within is a feature length documentary which invites the viewer to rediscover an enchanted cosmos in the modern world by awakening to […]