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Part I: A Psychonaut’s Guide to the Invisible Landscape: Joining the Hive Mind, Seeing Your Dreams, Crushing the Ego and… Meeting the Dead?

14 Jun

In A Psychonaut’s Guide to the Invisible Landscape: The Topography of the Psychedelic Experience, author Dan Carpenter makes many startling claims based on his experiences with the dissociative psychedelic DXM. (Yep, dextromethorphan – the stuff of cough syrup!) He’s not simply having a subjective journey inside his mind; DXM actually takes him to an objective […]

Rob Bryanton, author of Imagining the 10th Dimension, visits Dreaming Life!

1 May

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding a new book out there called Imagining The 10th Dimension. Singer / songwriter, thinker, philosopher and amateur scientist (although he insists he’s not a scientist!) has pieced together a means of actually explaining a way to understand the idea of not just 4 or 5 dimensions, but 10. (10 […]

Part 4 : An Interview with Rob Bryanton of Imagining the 10th Dimension – drugs and the tenth dimension

1 May

The forum on your website has a section devoted to altered states and the use of psychoactive substances. Why do you think so many people make the connection between the ideas in your book and the altered states available to us through drug use? What role, if any, has the use of psychoactive substances played […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report: Lucid Dreams all night long, Calea Z in a bong, 10x Calea Z capsules

30 Mar

The other night I had lucid dreams all night long. Funny, as nothing seemed to particular cause this except for an uncomfortable bed. Somewhat like the Wake Back to Bed (WBTB) method for lucid dream induction, the pain in my back and shoulders kept me half-conscious throughout the night. What kills me is I know […]

The Shaman’s Dreamtime, My Diet with Ajo Sacha – full report

18 Mar

Moon photo by Jason Bache

  Here is Juans full and complete report from Peru. A short introduction is available here. During my one week diet with the teacher plant Ajo Sacha, I had so many lucid dreams that I was astonished. There were by far too many lucid dream experiences to journal on a daily basis, but I did […]

The Biological Basis of Mysticism? | A review of DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman

12 Mar

As you’re well aware of, I’m a geek for questions about consciousness. I love to think about issues such as understanding and defining experience, the nature of reality, the essence of the spiritual experience from both a physical and mental standpoint, and so on. So when I stumbled upon a book with the title of […]

Calea Zacatechichi: Smoking, Drinking, and Encapsulating the Dream Herb

18 Feb

Calea Zacatechichi gets quite a bit of attention from lucid dreamers. For good reason too: rumor has it that by smoking or drinking tea made from its leaves, you can experience extremely vivid dreams and hopefully – especially – have lucid dreams. Here’s a good definition lifted from the Wikipedia entry for dream herb: “Calea […]