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I Ran For 35 Minutes Today!

27 Aug

  Today I hit a mini-milestone in my efforts to be active and healthy: I ran for 35 minutes straight. Wahoo! This is something only I’ve done a few times in my life, and all those times were in the 6 weeks in which I followed Bill Phillips brilliant Body for Life program (now called […]

Is Dreaming Like Tripping?

17 Aug

Sweet Home Under White Clouds by tipiro

  Today’s discussion question is a great one and touches on the sneaky relationship between different states of consciousness. Here’s the big Q: “Is dreaming like tripping?” I think the answer is simple: yes, there are definitely similarities between the two states. In my own experience studying and working with my dreams, including taking drugs […]

Does Masturbation Effect Lucid Dreams?

10 Aug

Attention! Every Tuesday, I’ll be answering questions from readers about dreams or anything else we talk about here on Dreaming Life! And guess what? 🙂 I’d love to hear from you, too! Send your questions using the contact form here. Thanks! AHHH -now here’s a question that’s sure to generate some interest: “Does Masturbation Effect […]

I Was Part of an ESP Experiment at Duke Last Week

22 Jun

A couple weeks ago I was flipping through the local paper and an innocent little classified ad caught my eye: OK, so maybe that wasn’t really the classified ad I saw, but if it was, I would’ve called them too! For real: Instead I saw an ad placed by the Rhine Research Institute at Duke […]

Holy Hell in a Hand Basket

20 Jun

Like my grandma used to say: “Holy hell in a handbasket!” That’s right bitches, I’m back. Actually I’m lying. My grandma never uttered those words in her life. And nor do I ever say “that’s right bitches” to anyone in any context, so we’re either 2 for 2 or none for none, depending on how […]

Manifesting the Mind – film trailer

16 Mar

I just found out that Bouncing Bear Botanicals is producing a neat looking film/documentary on psychedelics called Manifesting the Mind. Below is a preview of the clip, featuring notable figures such as Dr. Rick Strassman, author of the brilliant book DMT: The Spirit Molecule, the infamous Terrence McKenna, and my favorite psychedelic writer and 2012 […]

3 Specific Things I Am Thankful For

1 Dec

At the risky of embarassing myself & making cheesy proclamations of thankfulness, here is my Thanksgiving-inspired list of 3 specific things I am thankful for. 1) Reality Check I ordered my favorite sandwich at one of my favorite places to eat last week. When it came to my table though it was all messed up. […]

Salvia Divinorum Banned in All 50 States!

3 Aug

Salvia Divinorum banned in all 50 states? Well, it’s not true as I sit here writing this, but, it begs the question: how far away are we from such a headline? My best guess is we’re looking at a few years. I’d say even as early as 2010, Salvia will be illegal everywhere or nearly […]

Free Online Books, Journals, and Newsletters on Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, and Psychedelics

3 Jul

This page will be updated regularly with links to FREE online books, journals, and newsletters related to dreams and lucid dreaming, entheogens/psychedelics, and brain/consciousness/mind stuff.. You’ll find entire books released in PDF format for download and viewing (and printing), or books published online that you can read over the web. I’ve also included links to […]

Free Podcasts, Radio Shows, Lectures, and Interviews – for Lucid Dreamers and Psychonauts

3 Jul

This page will be updated regularly with links to FREE podcasts, radio shows, and other audio downloads (interviews, lectures, etc) related to dreams and lucid dreaming, entheogens/psychedelics, and brain/consciousness/mind stuff. If a link is broken or if you have something to suggest I add, please email me. Enjoy! -Ben PS The best part of this […]

My Erowid Extracts newsletter just came in the mail…

20 Nov

Yesterday I received a treat in the mail – my copy of Erowid’s members only newsletter, Erowid Extracts. This issue discusses tobacco in a sacred context, has articles on absinthe and ayahausca, book reviews, and some other tidbits. It also came with a small comic-book! One of my favorite parts of the newsletter is the […]

Some Cool Dream / Consciousness Links I’ve Recently Found

11 Nov

There’s some really neat blogs and websites I’ve discovered recently that I want to share: The Dream Studies Portal: mumblings in the realm of dreaming, culture, and consciousness The author behind Dream Studies has credentials that include an MA in Consciousness Studies and a Certificate in Dream Studies from John F. Kennedy University. How cool […]