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12 Natural Blood Pressure Reducers

21 Jul

[ReviewAZON asin=”B000EQW3ZA” display=”inlinepost”] [ReviewAZON asin=”B0014HP1QQ” display=”inlinepost”]   Blond Psyllium Blond psyllium is an herb whose seed and husk are used to make supplements and medicines. It is thought to be helpful in lowering blood pressure. Bonito Peptides. The bonito is a type of fish. Supplements are made from it – i.e. bonito peptides specifically for […]

Treating ADHD Naturally

21 Jul

Can You Treat ADHD Naturally? Yes, there are many approaches you can take to treating and reducing the effects of ADHD that do not automatically begin with a medicated approach. Before we get into some of those approaches, let’s take a step back and define what ADHD is and what we know about it. Definition […]

Hibiscus Tea and Blood Pressure

21 Jul

Best Selling Hibiscus Teas Please feel free to browse the various teas by clicking the image below: Bulk Organic Hibiscus Tea — Fairtrade Hibiscus Tea — Cheapest Hibiscus Tea Browse ALL Hibiscus Tea Products For Sale By Clicking HERE All orders are processed via Amazon for the best possible customer service. PROOF: Numerous Studies Show […]