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Beetroot Juice

18 May

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about juicing beets to make beetroot juice, including recipes, preparation tips, and nutrition information. Beetroot juice is a very colorful drink made from juicing raw beets. Making beetroot juice is an easy, fun, messy, and colorful treat you can make in just a couple of […]

My 10 Day Raw Food Experiment: A Summary of Eating Only Raw Foods

2 May

Raw Vegan Cake from Raw Food Made Easy

As I write this it’s the night of the 10th day where I’ve eaten only raw fruits, vegetables, greens, and nuts. It’s been a blast eating this way and I’m so happy I made the effort to try a 100% raw foods diet.   What Did I Eat? Here are some of the raw foods […]

Raw Food Journal: Day 10 of 10

1 May

Raw Vegan Cake

  A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 10! Here’s everything I ate on my last day of eating 100% raw foods. Meal 1 Mango Meal 2 Salad Greens w/ 1/8 cup pepita seeds, 1 TSP olive, basil, cilantro, roma tomato Meal 3 2 cups grapes 2 sprouted crackers Meal 4 1 apple Meal 5 […]

Raw Food Journal: Day 9 of 10

30 Apr

Raw Cucumber Avocado Soup

  A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 9 Here’s everything I ate today: Meal 1 Banana Pumpkin Cracker Bread w/ Hummus Cup of Grapes Tea Meal 2 Big Salad w/ Romaine, Greens, 1/8 cup pepita seeds, 1 TSP olive oil, salt, basil, parsley. 2 celery sticks 1 medjool date Meal 3 2 bananas apple […]

Raw Food Journal: Day 8 of 10

29 Apr

Raw Banana Ice Cream with Grapes and Almond Crumbs

  A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 8 Here’s everything I ate today: Meal 1 1 banana 1 apple 1 TBSP almond butter tea Meal 2 romaine salad w/ 1 TSP olive oil, 1/8 cup pepita seeds, parsley, cilantro. Meal 3 pumpkin cracker bread w/ hummus dip 1 cup grapes Meal 4 3 clementines […]

Raw Food Journal: Day 7 of 10

28 Apr

Another Big Ass Salad w/ Raw Pepita Seeds & Olive Oil

A Ten Day Raw Foods Experiment: Day 7 Meal 1 3 clementines tea Meal 2 spinach & greens salad w/ 1/2 TBSP olive, 1/4 cup sunflower pate, salt and basil 2 cookies Meal 3 mango Meal 4 sprouted pumpkin bread w/ hummus clementine Meal 5 big ass salad with romaine, spinach, 1 TBSP olive oil, […]

Raw Food Journal: Day 6 of 10

27 Apr

Fruit Bowl

A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 6 Meal 1 2 bananas with 1 TBSP raw almond butter tea Meal 2 clementine spinach salad with hummus drizzle, parsley, and cilantro cream of celery soup Meal 3 2 walnut pate sandwiches 2 cookies Meal 4 3 clementines Meal 5 1/2 cup raw pepitas w/ cayenne and […]

Raw Food Journal: Day 5 of 10

26 Apr

Raw Portobella Mushroom Stuffed with Sunflower Pate and Tossed in Tamara

A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 5 Here’s everything I ate today as part of my raw vegan diet experiment: Meal 1 banana w/ 1 TBSP almond butter 3 clementines Tea Meal 2 spinach sald w/ parsley, strawberry, drizzled with zucchini hummus Tea Meal 3 sprouted cracker w/ sunflower pate sprouted cracker w/ hummus […]

Raw Food Journal: Day 4 of 10

25 Apr

Cream of Celery Avocado Dill Soup With Crackers With a Dill Hummus and Sunflower Pate Spread

A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 4 Here’s everything I ate today: Meal 1 1 clementine black tea bites of food while “cooking” 🙂 Meal 2 Cream of zucchini soup pesto cracker w/ jalapeno zucchini hummus pesto cracker w/ sunflower pate 2 clementines blueberry acia green tea Meal 3 banana Meal 4 raw portobello […]

Raw Food Journal: Day 3 of 10

24 Apr

Spinach Salad w/ Strawberry, Clementime, Cashew Chive Dip, and Parsley

A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day Three Here’s everything I’ve eaten on day three of my raw foods diet: Meal 1 Banana 3 clementines Meal 2 almond cookie walnut pate sandwich tea Meal 3 carrots, chive dip Meal 4 big ass salad w/ spinach, clementine, walnuts, strawberries, chive dip, parsley, teaspoon olive oil Meal […]

Raw Food Journal: Day 2 of 10

23 Apr

Raw Walnut Pate Sandwich, Raw Tabouli, and Raw Almond Cookies

A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 2 Here’s the log of all what I ate today: Meal 1 2 bananas w/ 1 TBSP almond butter black tea Meal 2 walnut pate sandwich 3 clementines Meal 3 cup of carrots w/ mock sour cream chive dip acai blueberry green tea almond cookie Meal 4 salad: […]

Raw Food Journal: Day 1 of 10

22 Apr

Raw tabouli garnished with clementine.

A Ten Day Raw Food Experiment: Day 1 Today was my first day of ten days where I’ll be eating 100% raw. The only drinks I will consume will be water and tea. Raw Foods Menu Here’s what I ate today: breakfast meal 1 2 bananas with almond butter black tea lunch meal 2 raw […]