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Calea Zacatechichi: Smoking, Drinking, and Encapsulating the Dream Herb

18 Feb

Calea Zacatechichi gets quite a bit of attention from lucid dreamers. For good reason too: rumor has it that by smoking or drinking tea made from its leaves, you can experience extremely vivid dreams and hopefully – especially – have lucid dreams. Here’s a good definition lifted from the Wikipedia entry for dream herb: “Calea […]

Lucid Dream Token reality test: This is a Dream.

30 Dec

Dream Tokens take the concept of a reality test and put it on a beautiful golden coin. One side reads “This Is A Dream” and the other side has an image of an open palm, suggesting that you do a reality test by looking at your hands. This is a very neat little item. When […]

Using Vitamin B6 for Dream Enhancement and Lucid Dreams

30 Oct

Vitamin B6 Dream Experiments

  Summary: Experimenting with doses between 150-400 MG over the course of 5 nights, I discovered that taking B6 in doses between 200-400 MG had an obvious effect on my dreams. They became aggressive, odd, vivid, often mean-spirited and disturbing. Only once did I experience a lucid dream. Night One: 150 MG B6 I had […]