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Remember the Project?

17 Jul

Awhile back some people were putting together the website project. I’m not sure what happened but it’s now defunct. They made at least 5 episodes though, and these are still online . My favorite episode is below. Check out the rest of the episodes at theLucidTV page on YouTube.     Thanks goes out […]

Holy shit! Infinity Software for Lucid Dreaming is Awesome!

17 Jul

“What if you had the chance to do anything you wanted? What if right now, you could levitate out of your chair, and soar out the window and up into the clouds, observing every creation of your mind? What if you could live your ultimate dream like getting together with that crush, or becoming an […]

Did you know Stephen LaBerge has a patent on substances that cause Lucid Dreaming?

16 Jul

I found something really wild tonight. I guess it’s old news since the patent is from 2003, but I see that Stephen LaBerge, the most famous lucid dream researcher and lucid dream author in the world, has a patent on “substances that enhance recall and lucidity during dreaming.” Patent number 20040266659, to be exact. Here’s […]

Why We Dream: The Expectation Fulfilment Theory of Dreaming

15 Jul

Recently I discovered a new website called Why We Dream, which explains a new theory of dreaming known as The Expectation Fulfilment Theory of Dreaming. This theory has been put together by psychologist Joe Griffin, co-author of the book Dreaming Reality, as well as the Director of Studies at MindsField college, and a big player […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Reports: That Mischievous Dreaming Mind & A Short Lucid Dream

14 Jun

I decided to bring the Bi-Weekly Dream Reports back. They generate more comments than many of my other posts, leading me to believe that it’s something people can relate to. Is this true – do you enjoy this aspect of the blog? Should I keep doing it? The discussion this time centers around what a […]

What Does Dream Food Taste Like?

5 Jun

What Does Dream Food Taste Like?

  What is it like to eat “dream food” in a lucid dream? What does dream food taste like? Does it taste better or worse? Would it alleviate any cravings you have for certain foods like chocolate or candy? Here’s a really over-the-top question: Could you go on a dream diet to eat foods you […]

Dreams of Flying

23 May

Peace dove by AlicePopkorn

  One of my youngest “dream memories” is a dream of flying. I was maybe 10 years. I was on my cousins open farm land and began running. I put my hands out and I flew. I just went up into the air and flew, it was as simple as that. It felt amazing, and […]

Stephen LaBerge quote on dreaming and perception

21 May

“Dreaming is perception unconstrained by sensory input. And vice versa, what is perception is what we’re doing right now; dreaming, constrained by sensory input.” Stephen LaBerge, interview, captured in DVD series titled “Consciousness “

Rob Bryanton, author of Imagining the 10th Dimension, visits Dreaming Life!

1 May

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding a new book out there called Imagining The 10th Dimension. Singer / songwriter, thinker, philosopher and amateur scientist (although he insists he’s not a scientist!) has pieced together a means of actually explaining a way to understand the idea of not just 4 or 5 dimensions, but 10. (10 […]

Part 5 : An Interview with Rob Bryanton of Imagining the 10th Dimension – Dreams and the Ten Dimensions

1 May

I was curious to know that some of your songs reference the world of lucid dreaming. In fact, this is what led me to reading your book. What thoughts do you have on the idea that dreams occur in parallel universes and other timelines and realities that are contained within the 10th dimension? Do you […]

How Well Can Can You Read in Your Dreams?

23 Apr

Can You Read In Your Dreams?

  I had a dream last night that Rob Bryanton from Imagining the Tenth Dimension wrote me a long letter. The pages were oversized and his handwriting style created big, large letters, making it appear almost comically cartoon-like. I knew I was dreaming when all I could read was the first line on each page, […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report – Lucidity, Hypnopompic Dreaming, and Slacking Off

16 Apr

I spontaneously knew I was dreaming as I walked through my grandparents house. My father was in the kitchen and I look at him and ask him if he knows this is a dream. He’s nothing but smiles as he looks at me as if to say “Oh, I know!” I walk past him and […]