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Chacruna Report by Juan from DreamMagick

13 Apr

Moon photo by Jason Bache

Here is another guest post by Juan from Dream Magick on his experiences in Peru. This could be the last addition by Juan to Dreaming Life as he has recently set up his own website to publish his writing himself! Please check out his site at Hello everyone! Since coming back from Peru I […]

Exploring the Oneiroverse with Chad Watts: On Lucid Dreams, Entheogens, and the Spiritual Experience

10 Apr

Pinhole by Virginia Park

  When I first started blogging, I naturally sought out other blogs on lucid dreaming. One of the most unique blogs out there was called Exploring the Oneiroverse, the contents of which were based on a book by fellow blogger and lucid dreamer Chad Watts. Soon enough, we started writing emails back and forth discussing […]

5 Tips On How To Improve Your Marriage Through Lucid Dreaming

9 Apr

Today I want to share 5 tips I’ve learned on improving your marriage through lucid dreaming. I know these have helped me a lot. And these tips are just as helpful to non-married couples who live together and some of these tips can even help strengthen a casual relationship, too. 1) Set the alarm clock […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report: Lucid Dreams all night long, Calea Z in a bong, 10x Calea Z capsules

30 Mar

The other night I had lucid dreams all night long. Funny, as nothing seemed to particular cause this except for an uncomfortable bed. Somewhat like the Wake Back to Bed (WBTB) method for lucid dream induction, the pain in my back and shoulders kept me half-conscious throughout the night. What kills me is I know […]

The Shaman’s Dreamtime, My Diet with Ajo Sacha – full report

18 Mar

Moon photo by Jason Bache

  Here is Juans full and complete report from Peru. A short introduction is available here. During my one week diet with the teacher plant Ajo Sacha, I had so many lucid dreams that I was astonished. There were by far too many lucid dream experiences to journal on a daily basis, but I did […]

The Shaman’s Dreamtime – My Diet with Ajo Sacha Tea (Introduction)

18 Mar

Moon photo by Jason Bache

Here Juan introduces us to his Ajo Sacha diet in Peru. This is an intro to his full report. Currently I am studying a shamanic approach to lucid dreaming in Peru which involves working with a variety of sacred and medicinal plants which are both teachers and guides to the dreamworld. In the shaman’s world, […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report – Spectacular Lucid Dreams, Therapeutic Offerings, and a Revelation…

11 Mar

I feel like I’m making real progress here in attaining and understanding the nature of becoming conscious in the dream-state. I also had a “big moment” where a dream I had showed to me something I couldn’t see or understand in my waking life. Lucid Dream # 1 One of them involved the peculiar strangeness […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report #3: Calea Z Mockery & Psychedelic Imagery

1 Mar

Perhaps the funniest event to note this time around is that, after conducting my latest Calea Z experiments (taking the dream herb in pills, smoking it, and drinking it as a tea) I dreamt I was at a party where someone offered me Calea Z. pills. They were about 3 or 4 inches long, and […]

Calea Zacatechichi: Smoking, Drinking, and Encapsulating the Dream Herb

18 Feb

Calea Zacatechichi gets quite a bit of attention from lucid dreamers. For good reason too: rumor has it that by smoking or drinking tea made from its leaves, you can experience extremely vivid dreams and hopefully – especially – have lucid dreams. Here’s a good definition lifted from the Wikipedia entry for dream herb: “Calea […]

Bi-Weekly Dream Report #2: Dream Signs, Lucid Dreaming, Calea Zacatechichi

10 Feb

Dream Signs The last weeks I’ve been searching to discover what my dream signs are. By reviewing my dream journals and paying attention to my current nightly dreams, I’ve come up with a thorough description of my personal dream signs. What are dream signs? Basically this term refers to dream elements that reoccur throughout many […]

Update: Lucid Dreaming in 2 Weeks: a MILD Technique Experiment

27 Jan

2 weeks have passed and I’ve had a few interesting experiences and observations since I proclaimed I would practice MILD every night. (Disclaimer: I admit, I didn’t do it every night, but almost!) One effect I noticed is that heavily focusing on having a lucid dream can be a trying ordeal. You can’t push yourself […]

Lucid Dreams and Out of Body Experiences: The Same Thing?

6 Jan

Inside of a dream, we exist independently of the outer world that our waking consciousness normally perceives. The localized sense of self that sees, hears, talks, and thinks in my waking life moves inward at night to the dream world. Here, I experience a realm that exists entirely inside the domain of my inner consciousness. […]