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Does It Make Sense To Pay Off My Student Loan If I Have The Same Amount in Savings as I do in Student Loan Debt?

6 Nov

Money. Photo by Aaron Patterson

  Here’s the question on my mind: Does it make sense to pay off my student loan debt if I have the same amount in savings as I do in student loan debt? Here’s the deal: I have $6756 in savings currently, and approximately $16,000 in student loan debt. Each month my goal is to […]

October 2010 Income Report and Finance Update

4 Nov

Inspired by Baker over at the Man Vs Debt blog, I want to get in on this idea of radical financial transparency. And so what better way to start than sharing all the intimate details of my monthly business income, monthly job income, and my savings and financial data? BOOM. <– that was the sound […]

The Triumph of Adding $50 a Month to your Income

4 Nov

This weekend I checked out a couple of different studio apartments in downtown, as I am toying with the idea (and by that I mean I am completely and utter obsessed with the idea) of moving closer to campus and within walking distance of everything. My self-imposed budget for finding such a place was $400 […]