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Insomnia Statistics

22 Aug

It is only fitting for me to put together a blog post on this as I’m now in my 3rd week of going to bed and not being able to fall asleep easily. It’s a total pain in the ass but at least I’m not alone. I have scoured the internet for survey data and […]

7 Famous People With Insomnia

19 Aug

Michael Jackson

Why exactly do we care about famous people with insomnia? Does it make us feel better to see someone we love dealing with the same problem? Do we revel in the fact that so many artists and gifted people seem mad in their own way? Sadly, so many people on this list burnt out and […]

Surgery for Snoring: 7 Procedures Explained

11 Aug

Here are descriptions of the most common surgical treatments available to reduce or stop snoring. Surgery for snoring is a last resort option and many of these procedures below are performed on individuals with sleep apnea. 1. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty Also called: UPPP, UP3, Standard UPPP The Standard UPPP procedure involves removing soft tissue from the back […]

Sleep Addiction and Oversleeping

4 Aug

What is Sleep Addiction? “Sleep addiction” is sometimes used to describe a persons behavior who sleeps too much and seems unable or unwilling to change their sleeping patterns. The phrase itself is not used professionally nor is there an addiction or disorder that goes by the same name. It is not recognized as a physical […]

Dying In Your Sleep

31 Jul

Dying in your sleep is greatly overrated. However, if you came here from google, don’t feel alone: my research tells me that almost 4,000 people a year google the topic. My hunch is that’s 2,000 people genuinely anxious about the subject for some reason or another, mostly unfounded, and the rest is split between people […]

15 Herbs That Help You Sleep

22 Jul

Here’s a look 15 herbs (+1 surprise) that help you fall asleep. This includes everything from the well known (Valerian, Chamomile) to the more obscure (Calamus, Poppy) and everything in between. I tried to include as much relevant information as possible on each herbal sleep aid such as study data, toxicity concerns, and options for how to take it as sleep remedy.

The Causes of Sleep Deprivation

14 Jun

My Story With Sleep Problems Sleep deprivation sucks. There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to this – it plain sucks. I used to have problems falling asleep just about every single night. For me the problem all came down to one thing: lower back pain. Here’s what would often happen: I would […]