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Free Binaural Beats on Youtube

9 Aug

After putting together the No Bullshit List of Free Binaural Beats, it occurred to me that there are a number of people uploading binaural beat mp3s to Youtube, coupled with trippy, psychedelic graphics. I’ve never spent too much time watching these videos in the past because I want to do 2 things always when doing […]

The Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator

4 Jul

“Wait. You want me to strap on a headband that shoots electrical currents through my brain. Are you serious?” Indeed, it sounds like bunk science. But it turns out that cranial electrical stimulation therapy is a legit treatment and is very helpful in treating specific conditions, particularly anxiety. Recently the cost and availability of these […]

LSD, the Dreammachine, and Aging Hippies in India : 3 New Documentaries from Alive Media Coming Out This Summer

6 Aug

Er, I meant to post this last month – it’s pretty neat, check it out: Alive Mind Media is releasing 3 films this summer, dubbing the release “The Trippy Trilogy – Alive Mind’s Altered Consciousness Collection”. Flicker DVD release Date: July 15 Documentary on the 1961 invention of Brion Gysin’s “Dreammachine”, described as “a hypnotic […]

What happens when you combine mindblowing psychedelics with a sensory deprivation tank? A look at the film ALTERED STATES.

7 Nov

Official ALTERED STATES movie trailer: Plot Summary: A scientist takes drugs inside a sensory deprivation chamber, has crazy intense psychedelic trips, then genetically regresses into a primordial pre-human, ultimately regressing into the void of existence itself. The story revolves around a young scientist named Eddie Jessup, whose interest in his work overshadows everything else, including […]

Trailer for Entheogen : Awakening the Divine Within (interview later this week!)

4 Sep

Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within

Below is a 9 minute trailer video for the film ENTHEOGEN: Awakening the Divine Within. I’ll be posting an interview with director Rod Mann later this week! Official description: “Entheogen: Awakening the Divine Within is a feature length documentary which invites the viewer to rediscover an enchanted cosmos in the modern world by awakening to […]

Wearing the God-Helmet for Out of Body Experiences and Alien Abductions

28 Jul

This is a fascinating 6 minute video into the research of Michael Persinger, inventor of the “God Helmet.” His research into out of body experiences, alien abductions, ghosts, and other “paranormal” phenomenon is predicated on the idea that these experience take place in the brain i.e. they’re an illusion and do not take place in […]

SaltCube DVD on Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences

24 Jul

Here’s a few excerpts from SaltCube’s DVD titled “How to Lucid Dream and Have Out of Body Experiences.” I’ve heard great things about this DVD and these clips are quite impressive. Check out SaltCube for more info. Excerpt from “How To Do Wake Induced Lucid Dreams And OBEs” Excerpt: Tricking Your Body To Fall Asleep […]

Video Clip on Using Entheogens INSIDE A Lucid Dream to Trip

17 Jul

  Today I found a very enthusiastic video about lucid dreaming and using entheogens INSIDE the dream to have a psychedelic trip.   She also discusses the idea of intentionally accessing the DMT inside our own body, as opposed to taking in from plants elsewhere, to experience its mindblowing effects, and using 5-MEO-DMT as to […]

Remember the Project?

17 Jul

Awhile back some people were putting together the website project. I’m not sure what happened but it’s now defunct. They made at least 5 episodes though, and these are still online . My favorite episode is below. Check out the rest of the episodes at theLucidTV page on YouTube.     Thanks goes out […]

Is There a Link Between Dreaming, REM, and Depression?

15 Jul

This idea is related to the Expectation Fulfillment Theory of Dreaming.

Rob Bryanton, author of Imagining the 10th Dimension, visits Dreaming Life!

1 May

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding a new book out there called Imagining The 10th Dimension. Singer / songwriter, thinker, philosopher and amateur scientist (although he insists he’s not a scientist!) has pieced together a means of actually explaining a way to understand the idea of not just 4 or 5 dimensions, but 10. (10 […]

Imagining the Tenth Dimension – Animation Part 1

1 May

This is part one of a 10 minute animation produced by Rob Bryanton that outlines how to Imagine the Tenth Dimension. This animation accompanies his book of the same name. Click anywhere on the image below to start this clip. Click here for Part Two of this clip. Click here for interview index page.