Chad’s DXM Report # 1 : “My mind felt as if it were floating away from my body”

8 Oct

Photo by Kyle Kruchok

Photo by Kyle Kruchok


First the basics of a good DXM trip. Found this out by a mixture of web research and personal experimentation.

1. Check your local drug store for Robitussin Cough Gels. These are ideal for tripping purposes. You don’t have to worry about getting sick by having to drink a lot of nasty cough medicine and you know the exact amount of DXM you are consuming. The downside is they are a bit pricey. Here they go for about 4 dollars a bottle and you need three to five bottles for a good trip.

2. Whatever route you take, pills or liquid, be absolutely sure that dextromethorphan is the only active ingredient. Many medications include Aspirin, Guaifenesin, Phenylephrine or other active chemicals that become toxic when taken in high dosages.

3. DXM is a psychedelic but it is also a dissociative. It is therefore grouped with drugs such as PCP and ketamine more often than drugs like LSD or psylocibin. Some people do not like dissociatives and end up having a bad trip. Personally I enjoy the effects. Consciousness seems to extract itself from the body.

4. The two classic side effects of robotripping are the robo-walk and robo-itches. I have not had the itching happen to me but it does happen to a lot of people – a nasty itching sensation covers the body. I’ve heard that an allergy medication like Benadryl can stop this side effect. Robo-walking comes with the territory. Your depth perception gets really screwed and the ground seems far away or really close. You stumble around like a drunk on a sailboat. From experience I suggest just taking it slow and sitting down to pee.

5. Dosage mainly depends on what type of experience you want. Below I quote some excellent guideline from Erowid:

“The chart below shows approximate recreational dosages for pure dextromethorphan, measured in milligrams (mg).


Oral DXM Dosages




100 – 200 mg


200 – 400 mg


300 – 600 mg


600 – 1500 mg

Risk of Death

2,500 – 20,000 mg

Duration : 4 – 8 hours

Some users report that DXM dosages are affected significantly by bodyweight and lighter users should start with lower dosages. Because everyone reacts differently, it is a better idea to start at lower dosages and slowly work up rather than jumping in at a higher dose. Some people are very sensitive to the effects and may be overwhelmed by dosages that are minimal for others.”

For my trip I purchased three bottles of Robitussin Cough Gels. At 15mg dxm per cap and 20 caps per bottle I got 300mg per bottle for a grand total of 900 mg. I took them all at 10 o’clock Saturday night. It took 45 minutes to an hour before any noticeable effects occurred. Caps take a while to dissolve and so the trip doesn’t hit as fast as a liquid induced one would. I read on one web page that you can chew the caps for faster onset but the user is warned this is a revolting process. I just swallowed the caps.

Got the cosmic laughter when the stuff first started kicking in. Waves of euphoria washed over me making me feel good both physically and emotionally. The robo-walk set in quickly and I stumbled around the living room for a while trying to get my bearings. I went outside for a bit and watched the stars. Beautiful.

I was in a heightened emotional state, similar to the kind induced by Ecstasy, and made my way slowly to the bedroom where my wife and little girl were asleep. My wife woke up when I stumbled into the dresser. I gushed out all kinds of love talk. She was happy I was feeling good and returned the sentiments but was happy when I left her alone to go back to sleep. I did my best to kiss my little girl but misjudged the distance and ended up smooching my pillow. I then went out for a smoke.

The euphoria continued and I was anxious to explore more of the trip. I drank some juice and laid down in the dark bedroom. Visuals are not a big part of robo-tripping but you can get them in higher dosages in dark surroundings. I pulled out my cd player and headphones and put on an album I always wanted to listed to while tripping – The Magnificent Void by Steve Roach. The experience was fantastic.

I looked up and saw clouds floating by on the ceiling. This was followed by swirling stars and geometrical shapes – much like hypnogogic imagery. Time seemed to slow as my body became increasingly numb as the dissociative effects set in. I had to move my body around several times to make sure it was still there. My mind felt as if it were floating away from my body. My breathing became deep and still. This phase of the trip lasted several hours. Any trip, especially the peak, is difficult to put into words. My mind soared into unknown realms while my body seemed far beneath me. I received a ‘gem’ (one of my own terms again – a gem is an insight that you have while tripping that you remember and can use once sober again.)

I leveled out for a few hours and finally started coming down about 5 in the morning. Had a bit of a hangover the next day but nothing serious – just tired. My wife was very kind and let me take a nap.

I had a great experience and am looking forward to doing it again. Next time I’m going to try a 1200 mg dose and, if that goes well, make another attempt at 1500 mg. Below are some good websites relating to dxm tripping. If you decide to try it tell me how it goes. I also would really like to buy that book you mentioned. I found it on Amazon and plan to purchase it soon.

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Good Links on DXM:

Note: This guest article was written by Chad. Thanks buddy! You can learn more about Chad and how his brain works be reading Dreaming Life’s fascinating interview with him in Exploring the Oneiroverse with Chad Watts: On Lucid Dreams, Entheogens, and the Spiritual Experience.


Photo by Kyle Kruchok.

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