Conair White Noise Machine Review

23 Aug

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Conair White Noise Machine SU1W Review

I’ve used a white noise machine virtually every night of my life for the last 5 years. It surprises even me how well it works – and I have one of the cheapest models, the Conair SU1W Sound Therapy / White Noise Machine.

It was a gift – one at which when I first opened it I was a bit dismayed because while I am frugal, I don’t have cheap tastes when it comes to spending money on something I plan to get a lot of use out of. I was wrong though –  this $20 white noise sound machine has done a shockingly good job and I think a lot of people would be satisified with this Conair sound machine to help them sleep.

Quick Features at a Glance

Features of the Conair Sound Therapy Machine, Model SUW1, Silver.

  • 10 Sounds, Including White Noise
  • Easy, Large Controls
  • Optional Timer
  • Optioner Batteries Mode

What I Like About It

Here’s a look at what makes this a great sound machine.

Easy to use. You can easily be bumbling around in the dark and turn this thing on. The on/off button is smack dab in the middle of the design, and is the biggest button on the unit. I rarely actually look for it, I just know where it is. It’s also very simple to quickly adjust all the sound settings and the volume control button is huge – you can’t miss it.

Has some really good sounds that I’m practically addicted to. These are my favorite right now out of all 10 sounds: Ocean Waves, Thunderstorm, Waterfall, and White Noise. For a couple years I only listened to Summer Night or Rainfall. Side note: I’m always perplexed by the inclusion of the Heart Beat sound. A lot of sound machines have them. To me it seems creepy! Makes me think of that Edgar Allen Poe story. But I guess it’s a throwback to being the womb? I don’t get it.

Cheap. Sound machines can be pricey – and as mentioned, I would love a more expensive noise machine one day – but for this price, this Conair sound machine is a good deal.

Light weight and can run off batteries or plug into the wall. While I wouldn’t call it small, it’s very light weight and it would be easy to pack this with you for hotel trips. I always used mine plugged in but there’s an option for batteries making it truly portable.

Optional timer. I’ll be honest – I never even noticed this option until right now as I’m writing this review and I’ve been using the machine every night for 5 years but lo and behold, directly on the side of the machine is a timer switch. SO, if you don’t want to run it all night long – or you’re using batteries – you can have it turn off automatically. Personally I like the idea of it staying on all night – especially if you’re using it to block out external sounds.

Includes White Noise. Strangely, not all sound machines include white noise, but this one does – and I’m a fan of white noise.

Find The Lowest Price

If you are planning to buy this, you will find the best price by clicking on this link here:

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What Could Be Improved

Here are two quick things they could do better.

Improve the volume control dial. The volume control can be a little wonky and it’s fairly easily to accidentally adjust the knob if you’re shuffling some things around on your night stand. I also think they give you way too much unnecessary volume you’ll never use – I can’t imagine turning the dial anywhere close to the loudest setting, and I bet you wouldn’t either. However, once I set the volume to the level I like I leave it there and so this isn’t really an issue.

Occassional interference when next to a cell phone. When I put my cell phone too close to the unit, it sometimes gets weird interference. Some may find this aggravating and I’ve seen it even mentioned on Amazon reviews. But it’s not a big a deal as long as you don’t place your phone directly next to the machine! =)

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