Dream #2: Dream Archetypes & Sexual Dreams

6 Jul

Untitled By Ben. Copyright 2010 Dreaming Life

Untitled By Ben. Copyright 2010 Dreaming Life

There is a woman who has appeared in my dreams for many, many years. A little while back, I realized she ceased to represent the person who she appears to be and had become a kind of archetype in my brain; a woman that represents some sort of ideal woman, a highly sexualized archetype, a kind of goddess almost.

In fact, in real life she had a very big “energy” or presence to her personality, style, and image, so this archetypal concept is not too far off to be honest.

So yes – she is based on a real person, a girl I had a huge crush on in high school – perhaps infatuation would be a better word, actually – but it’s no one that I’ve had any relationship with or even spoken to in about 12 years. But for the first 5 or 6 years after not having seen her, I had many dreams with her. In fact, it was almost like the energy of the archetype got bigger and bigger after having not seen her for 2 or 3 years – this was the period where she would regularly appear in my dreams, more so than any other period of my life after having met her.

Even now, a dozen or so years since having seen her, she still appears in my dreams, albeit only making the occasional guest appearance. I can only recall one off the top of my head a single dream with her from the last year. She was in a dream where – comically – I saw her driving a car on the beach, right on the sand, like it was no big deal to be doing such a ludicrous thing.

Out of all the dreams I ever had about her, there was one that was really strong, which is the dream I want to share today. I think I’ve thought about the experience so much that it’s taken on a sort of poetic license of its own, coming to be bigger than the dream itself. I now question my own memory of it; my thoughts about it have effected my memory of it, surely shaping it into something else. (Which is actually true of every memory every has on every experience, but…that’s for another post, another day.)

Anyhow, about 10 years ago I wrote down the dream and intended to publish it as part of the zine I did as a teenager. That issue never came out, and the dream has always remained in various zine-to-be notebooks, having never seen the light of day.

Here is a copy of what I wrote down back then. I’m 29 now, and I estimate i was 17 or 18 when I had the dream and wrote this in my dream journal.

She’s lying on the cave floor, arching her back, in the distance. The rave around us has become distant, a mere flashing of lights in a far-off corner, a beat to be heard as background music, acknowledged but not pulsating through my body. We are alone, made tiny by the largeness of the cave. Her ribs are poking up through her skin, her red hair is falling behind to the floor as she tilts her head back and exposes her neck. Thoughts of making love to her tonight flash through my mind. A large skull lies on the floor next to her; it’s phallic horns jutting into the air. I walk closer to her, and the look in her eyes is one of mere acknowledgement, not surprise.

If it’s not obvious, without being overtly sexual in content, this dream was still very, very sexual

I can still feel the experience of the dream so well – the pulsating lights, the arch of her back, the emptiness of the cave aside from our presence. It’s like I’ve watched it happen over and over.

I’ve often thought of collaborating with a close friend who does freelance video work and making a few short films out of my dreams; if that ever happens, this would go to the top of the list. I would love to direct my own dream.


One benefit of keeping a dream journal is that themes become evident, especially over the long term. If I hadn’t made a habit of remembering my dreams, I never would have noted how this woman became a kind of personal archetype of mine. It’s observations like this that make long term dream journaling very interesting.

If have you any experiences or thoughts on the archetypes we meet in our dreams, feel free to share it below.

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  1. Ben July 14, 2010 at 11:02 pm #

    For what it’s worth, I thought it’d be interesting to mention that this dream woman appeared in my dream again 2 nights ago. We walked pass one another near the entrance to a store and there was some shyness in meeting each others gaze.

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