Dream #3: A Dream of Astral Traveling

7 Jul

Photo by Ben

Photo by Ben

Whenever I have a dream where I experience a small level of conscious awareness (or lucidity, if you will), and am able to think about the fact that I’m dreaming and do a few interesting things – often consisting of marveling at my hands and putting them through objects – when I wake up, I typically question the experience.

Was it a lucid dream?

Or what it a dream about a lucid dream?

This thought haunts me to be honest, because there are many “lucid dreams” where I question if they’re really true lucid dreams or just dreams of having lucid dreams.

Granted, I realize this sounds crazy – so for the love of god, if you’ve ever had this thought, please tell me! J

(To clarify, I’ve had dreams with a very, very strong level of awareness that I do not question at all as being anything but a real experience of being aware while dreaming. This insanely lucid dream for instance comes to mind. It’s just the low level lucid dreams that bother me.)

Anyhow, this relates to my dream below in the sense that back in 1999, on my 19 birthday according to the date in my dream journal, I had a very strange dream: one in which I dreamt I was astral traveling.

Here’s what I wrote down back then.

I’m standing in my room, astral traveling.

I knew I was really just dreaming, but I was really standing up.

I look at the window and think about jumping through it because it won’t matter; this is a dream.

At this moment, I wake up. I’m lying on the bed. I open my eye and know this feeling of WAKING, of separation, of coming back into reality.. this sensation was very felt. I’m confused, but amazed, but too tired to think clearly.

Then I wake up AGAIN and turn around in my sleep.

After this, in my dream journal I added the following:

What really happened to me was that I dreamt I was astral traveling, then dreamt I woke up from a dream where I was astral traveling, then woke up in real life. I remember waking up FOR REAL this time and thinking that I felt way too heavy and too tired to actually be walking around.

I do have the memory of standing next to my bed and at the same time, I could feel my arms asleep, and I was thinking “I’m not really awake right now.” However, I do not know if I was sleep walking or I dreamt of that.

I also remember, somewhere in this dream sequence, of dreaming up DREAM WORLDS where everything floated; it was a kind of spaceless land. No floor, no ceiling. Instead, there were flat, spherical stones as steps. It was like a comic book. I remember waking up, knowing that this was a dream world.

This dream also has the element of a false wakening, an experience that fascinates me! The earliest false awakening I can recall happened when I was about 7 years old, and I’ve had only a few since then; false awakenings are such a mind fuck, I treasure having them. And then with the dream above adding in elements of astral travel and lucidity, you can see why this dream has stuck with me even though it was more than a decade since I experienced it.

If you’ve had a similar experience or have any thoughts on this dream experience, I’d love to hear it.

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  1. Joshua L July 7, 2010 at 4:00 pm #

    I’ve definitely felt as though I dreamed I had a lucid dream. That’s what happened on my first quasi-lucid experience. The dream didn’t have any of the vividness that lucid dreams are supposed to, and I was not thinking rationally as one is supposed to think while lucid. It felt just like a normal dream. I was disappointed, because it made me question whether becoming lucid was a worthwhile endeavor.

    Some time after that, I had my first really lucid dream. There was no mistaking that this was the real deal, and that it was not a “dream within a dream.”

    I’m surprised you like false awakenings. I’ve had five false awakenings, and they were all from lucid dreams. In only one of those five experiences was I able to recognize it as a false awakening. In the other four, I lost lucidity. So false awakenings really annoy me. They certainly are interesting, though.

  2. Ben July 9, 2010 at 2:08 am #

    Hey Joshua!

    OK – great, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who has wondered about having quasi-lucid dreams like this. I think you mentioned a central aspect of why I question some of these low level lucid dream experiences; they lacked that sense of rational thinking. For me, when I wake up, these quasi-lucid dreams are more like a memory of a lucid dream than a memory of something I just experienced.

    In regards to enjoying false awakenings: I “like” them in the same sense I like nightmares; the experience itself, aside from any unpleasantness, fascinates me, so whenever it occurs to me, I feel privileged to have had such a weird experience!

  3. Joshua L July 9, 2010 at 5:54 am #

    I guess I understand what you mean about the false awakenings. I do “like” them in that sense, but I don’t like them. Sometimes when I have false awakenings I feel like I’m trapped in some psychological thriller novel. Frustrating, but exciting all the same.

  4. Cobana October 11, 2010 at 4:53 pm #

    Hello… a few weeks ago I had a dream about astral traveling…. I felt a darkness trying to swallow me, I have experienced it before in my dreams and I was afraid of it but this time i decide i won’t let fear rule anymore so I just let go and I had this experiencie of my soul leaving my body I even saw a ghost standing by my side and i knew it belong to the astral dimension.

  5. Saige October 27, 2012 at 4:13 am #

    Sometimes early in the morning I have a tendency to look out the window, see that it’s almost sunrise, and say to myself, okay it’s time to get up. And as I go to sit up my actual body sits up and then my eyes actually open and I realize that the whole time I was looking out the window I was still asleep. This is something that would happen before I realized what lucid dreaming was, and when I started trying to lucid dream I would find myself laying in bed and looking out the window and realize, Oh I’m lucid! But be afraid to get up and do anything for fear of waking myself up as before. I worked it out of course by flying into a dream instead of sitting up, but I think this speaks to that weird place between Astral travel and deep lucid dreaming.

    Less often I can see my kids in the living room as they’re on their way to my room to sneak into bed at night. I see them like I’m stuck in the ceiling watching them from overhead, its possible that I hear their door open from across the house and just work it into my dream as I hear their footsteps coming… It’s never surprising until they hop into bed and the movement actually wakes me up and I realize that I was asleep again even though I feel like I watched them come in.

    I’ve had other more unique dreams that I’ve had to question as Astral travel, but these are a couple recurring things that happen occasionally.

  6. cesar December 1, 2012 at 8:14 am #

    I sort of questioned this too before but never really put it into words like you did. I think I call all those dreams that I’m aware of dreaming, “Lucid dreams” which in definition it is, because you are aware. The problem is the “feeling” or after satisfaction of waking up, I get a confused thought, was that a lucid dream? I was aware but it did not felt like those other “true” lucid dreams. I guess there are different levels of dreaming. Makes me wonder… sometimes these really vivid lucid dreams feel alot “realer” than waking life, could waking life be just a dreasm?

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