Dream #5: Flying Vampires, Locusts, Violence & Biblical Imagery

9 Jul

Art by Ben Copyright 2010 Dreaming Life

Art by Ben | Copyright 2010 | Dreaming Life

This is another dream from the vaults, the experience of which has always stood out in my mind. Only 1 person has ever read this dream – he told me his Mom did dream interpretation, so I sent him this dream, to which he was sheepishly responded it was really long and maybe another time she could interpret it. Ha! Anyhow, here’s a condensed version of it.

Dream Journal: 1:12 PM 9/19/99

I’m flying over the United States we a group of people. We see a small little town in the country and immediately swoop down into it. This experience of flying is amazing and the large areal views are astonishing.

We’re lying on a grassy hill, spying into someone’s home. It’s night time yet a lot of people are out. No one sees us, which is surprisingly since we’re so obviously hiding out looking like burglars.

We’re inside their home now. I’m standing on the counter. The house is full of chaos and tension – the people there are very fearful. The town is full of violence, and I scream out “Violence begets violence! This town will be overcome with locusts!”

At the same time, using sort sort of mental / magical power, I throw my left arm down and without touching him, I explode a mans head.

The entire town knows what’s going on and everyone is screaming, everyone is trying get away from the impending locusts.

I briefly consider my friends in this town who may die here because of the locusts, but cannot remember where they really live.

I’m in my chemical lab in high school. I’m with the same group of people I was flying with. We might actually be vampires. We are all very upset for some reason and make everything explode and then fly off at once. I’m planning on leaving the school and I think that I will have to disappear from this time forever. I see a few friends on my way out, give them a hug, and tell them I may not see them again.

At the same time, I hear people in a nearby classroom talking about us. I stick my head in and ask what they’re saying, and the teacher jokes that they heard we can fly. I laugh at this and then see another friend, hug him, tell him I may never see him again. I remember thought that I can check my email from anywhere in the world, so please email me! Then I fly off, then we all fly off, all 4 or or 5 of us, towards a field.

A few thoughts on this dream:

  • I had graduated from high school only months before, so it’s interesting to see how I kept noting in this dream I was leaving my high school and hugging friends goodbye and telling them I may never see them again. What’s odd is my actual last day of high school was entirely anti-climatic. I saw nearly no one and told nearly no one goodbye. Perhaps this dream is a projection of my desire to have had a better last day of school!
  • At this time in my life, I really, really loved the movie Interview with the Vampire. I was also very interested in weird Bible imagery like demons and whatnot, so the whole locusts things fits in well with that fascination. This is the main part of the dream that sticks with me to this day.
  • I think it’s really odd that I shout something about violence begets violence and that locusts will overtake the town. This type of aggression is nearly completely absent in my real life.
  • Beyond this idea of relating the dream to leaving high school, I have no idea what it means. It’s just a very weird dream. The flying aspect of it was fantastic. The only other dream I’ve had of flying that rival the experience are some of the flying lucid dreams I’ve had which were amazing.

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