Dream Journaling : July 20 2011

20 Jul

... Golden Worm...

Thought it’d be fun to journal on some my dreams lately. Maybe this will help spur me to habituate a dream journal again like I used to do on the regular.

A Golden Worm in My Tooth Dream

There’s a pain in my tooth and I go to look at it in the mirror to see what it is. I open my mouth up and see a golden worm is living inside my tooth. It squirms back out of view.

This was an incredibly bizarre dream for both its content and the clarity of the experience. The pain was very real – it was that dull ache type of pain one only feels in their teeth. It was pulsating like the beginning of a tooth ache.

In the dream the worm did not disturb me, I was only concerned with what I could grab it with to pull it out. Once I woke up though the imagery disgusted me.

Teeth and Dreams
Everyone seems to have weird dreams involving their teeth. They’re usually not the most pleasant of dream scenarios. I’ve not extensively researched the subject, but this is the first time I’ve seen a tooth dream that involved a worm or other creature living inside the tooth.

Connections & Meaning
I recently had a dentist look at my mouth at a healthcare event and she suggested I get a filling redone on this one tooth – the opposite tooth that had the worm in it in my dream. I’ve been increasingly concerned about not having health care and would like to get a check up and I think this dream is a reflection of that concern.

The Librarian Hypnopompic Lucid Dream

A librarian is helping me with something then leaves around the corner. I tell her to go away and command a better looking woman come around the corner. I’m laughing at my request and at the dream itself. I watch the brick corner but know no one is going to appear. The dream dissolves into grey sparkly matter and then I watch as house like structures disappear and reappear – a kind of hypnopompic psychedelic show.

It’s fascinating how the mind generates dream characters based on unconscious expectation.

Something in my brain has a code that says: if you dream about librarians, make them nerdy.

I knew I was dreaming and I told her to go away (it sounds so mean after the fact) and I commanded a hot woman replace her. The dream did not grant my request and then dissolved into hypnopompic imagery. It was really beautiful and lasted maybe 5-10 seconds and that’s all I remember.

The 2 Patients, a Lobotomy and Light Cells Brain Dream

There’s two guys sitting side by side who have had brain operations.

The first one has had his entire brain removed. I ask him to show and he lifts up his hair and you can see the hollowed out portion of his head. He is aware he’s had his brain removed but takes it all in stride. I try to give him a high five and he misses, then apologetically mumbles something about the fact that he can’t do it because of the operation.

Next to him sits another patient who has had a brain experiment done to him. His brain is not gone but has instead but interjected with tiny little masses of light or light reflectors. When a light is shined into his brain, they reflect and have an effect on his consciousness. He pulls up his hair so we can look inside and I see a hollowed out area followed by portions of his brain, various areas of which are casually lit up with tiny lights.

I had just read the August cover story of Wired Magazine called Extreme Science in which they detail some mad scientist style experiments that will never happen because of ethics (and shouldn’t happen because of ethics!) but if they did happen would provide us with some valuable insights into human nature, the brain, and consciousness. (The article is not yet online but when it is I’ll try and link it here.)

One of the experiments involved details incredibly similar to the patient who had light reflectors attached to cells in his brain and I was really intrigued by this experiment.

This dream is practically verbatim of what they described for an experiment in a field called optogenics, which uses beams of light to control neurons and thus effect the consciousness of a human being. The idea is you can esssentially turn off certain brain cells and then study what effect this has on the person. Once the light is then turned off, the cells return to normal. This would allow scientists to do all sorts of amazing research into consciousness but of course doing this on a live person presents a lot of problems – for instance, no one seems to sure if the effects would be temporary or not.

But I found this so intriguing it crept up in my dreams in a huge way. It surprised me though how literal it was as far the experiment I read about and then what I dreamt about.


Over the weekend my friend told me she had an interesting dream about me last Wednesday. We were all in a room and she said that everyone was blurry –  except for me. She could see me clearly and I was in lotus meditation posture!

This is interesting because I’d been trying to do some Eckart Tolle inspired “breathe work” lately – unknown to her though – and then she has this dream where I’m meditating. Ha!

Alas, dreams are a strange beast.

Photo by Beatrice Murch.

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