Dream Question Template: A questionnaire for exploring and piecing together what your dreams are about.

8 Mar

Due to the volatile and contradictory nature of dreams, simply writing down a description often fails to truly summarize all aspects of what you’ve experienced in a dream.

To help with this, I’ve been working with a series of questions that penetrate various aspects of the dream to help nail down everything going on – the people, the place, the hidden meanings, the plot, the dream signs, the emotions, and so on.

For me, I’ve found it to be very worthwhile to take the time go through these questions!

So I want to share my dream question template with you. When I’ do this I skip around to get to only those questions that apply. You should feel free to do the same!

Here are the questions. You can copy and paste them as a whole and save them to use as you wish. Let me know if this was useful for you and feel free to suggest any new questions.



Emotions / feelings associated with the dream (write, don’t think.)

Was the emotion present in the situation in the dream?

(ex. ackwardly leaving a friends house whose parents didn’t want us their anymore)

Or was the emotion more of a general overall backbone to the dream

(ex a terrifying shadow/invisible presence in the living room)


Who all was in the dream?

Was anyone someone but actually not themselves?

Does anyone represent someone or something else?


Broad geographical location, if any (ex. Indiana)

Specific location (ex. A 2 story 3 bedroom house in the country)

Does this place exist in objective, physical reality?

Have you dreamed of this place before?

Was this place realistic? If not, describe what was unrealistic.


Ultimately, what do you think this dream is about?

Note any connections to real life / recent events / thoughts / experiences.

In the dream, did you notice anything out of the ordinary?

Or was the extraordinary taken in stride, unacknowledged by your dream self?

Did you experience any electronic failure in the dream?

(Ex.Devices working incorrectly, etc.)

Does this dream remind you of anything?

Did you see any dream signs?

Any additional thoughts or information about the dream you want to note?

Lucidity / Conscious Awareness

At any time were you aware that you were dreaming in the dream?

How did you become aware that this was in fact a dream?

Were you able to control any aspect of the dream?

No? Did you try?

Yes! What were you able to change?

How did you manifest this change?

Either way, what did you do upon becoming lucid?

What was it like interacting with dream characters?

What did you say to them / how did they react / what did they say back?

How long do you think the experience of lucidity lasted?

What techniques did you practice to remain aware and/or gain additional control over the dream?

Do you know how you ended up losing awareness / control of the dream?

Did the dream continue on post-lucidity?

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