Dream Report : bad dreams, choppy dreams…

8 Nov

untitled by photo extremist

untitled by photo extremist

My dreams have been choppy lately, and my dream journal is in desperate need of attention. The two are probably related.


I had a really weird nightmarish dream the other night – demon children chasing me, weird symbolism and whatnot. I am sure this is related to some real life struggles.

I see my work creeping into my dreams more and more lately. I don’t like it.

And deep discussions my wife and I have in waking life slip into my dreams, too, like the conversations are just carrying on with or without my intention. It’s slightly amusing to have these issues we’re working out continue to be discussed in a dream like we’re both still awake, talking about things. I think my mind is racing, and just can’t stop.

A few weeks ago I had a short lucid dream. I’ll credit it to laziness more than technique.

It was one of those mornings where I blissfully kept returning back to sleep, no matter how many times the alarm went off.


I’m dreaming, and I know it. I’ve got to prove it to myself!

I try to put my head through the wall – not violently or aggresively like a head bunt, just, casually, I guess you could say. It wouldn’t work. (Damn the laws of (dream) physics!)

So I stopped trying so hard, and like a hand submerged into water, my head goes into the wall. It felt tight and uncomfortable, and warm, too. Not very pleasant.

Then I’m awake again, turning off the alarm. 🙂

Again and again, I notice that stepping back and not trying so hard often gets the results I’m looking for in a lucid dream. This is true for flying and walking through walls and other things that fall under the “this isn’t supposed to be possible” category. Funny how there’s this intersection between intention and casual acceptance that leads to manifestation.

It’s always interesting to hear about the dreams of my family and friends.

My Mom sometimes tells me about her dreams – and now that I think about it, my Dad very often tells me about his dreams – occasionally with the request for an interpretation. Now, I’m not very into dream analysis for others, but I do like to hear what they think.

She’s had some really wild dreams lately about murder and giving birth. (Symbolic or what, eh?) Many months ago she had a “dream” – she doesn’t really consider it a dream per se – and, in her words, awoke to have the spirit of her mother lovingly and angelically floating above her, only to be whisped away like a mirage that disappears as soon as you look at it.

I listen curiously, and offer little opinions. I like that it comforts her. She feels it was her mother, watching over her.

Here’s a thought:

When you’ve grown up and lost both your parents to death, the closest you’ll ever get to them again is probably inside a dream.

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  1. Luke November 20, 2007 at 10:06 pm #

    great thoughts and experiences keep sharing almost inspirational

  2. Rex April 10, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

    I keep having a dream about a boat with a yellow cargo container on the dock. In the dream I am on manchester street and a little boy in a blue school suit is telling me I am on manchester. I go to the docks and there’s the white boat unloading the container near a block wall. I see a spider and the spider turns into a symbol that looks like a flame. What does my dream mean?

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