Dreaming about Stephen LaBerge: How Ironic!

5 Jun

It always cracks me up when I have dreams where the subject of Lucid Dreaming is staring at me in the face and yet it never occurs to me to question my reality and see if I am indeed in the middle of a dream.

This happened a few nights ago when I dreamt of dream researcher Stephen LaBerge, possibly the most famous lucid dreamer ever.

From my dream journal:

” I’m at a Stephen LaBerge book signing.

He’s got maybe 20 people hooked up to Mind machines / Nova Dreamers. I find an empty seat and join in. We’re sitting on what looks like exercise equipment while we try on the machines. Mine isn’t working right and then I realize that’s why this seat wasn’t taken already.

I watch LaBerge try to sell his merchandise to a young Asian kid who really isn’t interested. I’m dismayed as he goes through an annoying sales pitch which includes his $100 product and 2 free books, one of which is a RECIPE book of all things! Geez! And he proudly boasts that this is a “Free Gift Worth $20!”

Part of his sales pitch involved asking the guy what it was that he wanted. He later implied that using this mind machine / dream machine for 6 minutes a day, he could have it.

LaBerge is strong, british, and cocky.

I later decide I do want to talk to him. I’m walking around the store in circles trying to find him. I want to thank him for doing the dream research that he did in- was it 60’s or 70’s?

I’m formulating a question for him on the similiarities and differences between dreams and drugs. Or maybe I’ll simply ask him if his thoughts on out of body changes have changed any since he wrote his first book on Lucid Dreaming.

I smile thinking to myself what a cool question this would be if I could ask into the mic in front of everyone, especially compared to the questions/comments he gets from others.

However, I can’t find him.

I see “his people” – the ones who help him set things up, etc. but I can’t find him. Damn!”

Please let me point out that my dream Stephen LaBerge had very little to do with the real Stephen LaBerge! I have never thought of him as cocky, strong, or British. (Wait – is he British?) I think he’s awesome, and I look forward to the day when I can shake his hand.

Maybe the aspect of him selling products to people is about my jealousy about not being able to afford the expensive seminars he and others put on, such as the Dreaming And Awakening workshop in Hawaii, which lasts almost 10 days and costs over $2,000.

Or maybe it’s about my hesitance to continue participating in google ads when they display exploitive ads related to lucid dreamer & new age concepts.

Either way, why oh why did I not ask myself if this is a dream!?

New rule for lucid dreaming: if you see Stephen LaBerge, do a reality test!

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