Dreams of Flying

23 May

Peace dove by AlicePopkorn

Peace dove by AlicePopkorn

One of my youngest “dream memories” is a dream of flying.

I was maybe 10 years. I was on my cousins open farm land and began running. I put my hands out and I flew. I just went up into the air and flew, it was as simple as that. It felt amazing, and the sensation of the flying must have done something to my psyche. I think this is one reason why I continued to remain interested in my dreams growing up.

Flying in a dream is one of the most common goals lucid dreamers have. I’m no different. In about half of my lucids in recent months I’ve attempted to fly. Sadly, it very rarely works as planned. I end up doing this funny maneuver where I walk on my hands over the ground, meekly float, or hover. Sometimes I never even leave the ground.

When I saw the most recent Superman movie I was enthralled by the scene where he flies over the fields of the farm with all the force and might of a comic book super hero. That night I had a fantastic flying dream that was very similiar to this scene, but I was not lucid.

This made me realize that my best flying dreams are non-lucid dreams. In these “normal dreams,” I’m able to fly because there’s no conscious realization stopping me that says “Hey Wait! Flying is impossible! ” Certainly, it is the common sense knowledge that comes with being lucid in a dream that challenges my ability to fly at will.

an open sky...unlimited possiblitiesAnd in this sense, isn’t it ironic that being lucid can actually prevent you from doing things you’d be able to do if you were simply dreaming normally without a “conscious” frame of reference?

  Photo by Alice Popcorn

5 Responses to “Dreams of Flying”

  1. Bill Perry May 23, 2007 at 3:52 am #

    I love flying dreams, they’re the best. Seems that the urge to fly in dreams is part of the collective consciousness of the human race or something.

  2. lylak May 23, 2007 at 9:18 pm #

    In lucid dreams, and in waking reality, you must constantly tell yourself, “I can do ANYTHING while lucid dreaming, ANYTHING is possible.” When you try to fly and you fail, there’s a thought going thru your mind that says, “I can’t do it,” and you try to hard. The thing is you’re not supposed to “try” to fly, you’re supposed to just “fly” no questions asked. Until u stop “trying” and just “do” it then your mind set will inhibit it from happening. I know this is true, b/c I never have problems with flying in my lucid dreams now.

    Here’s some techniques I have used throughout my life to fly with:
    1.) Holding my jacket around my arms like a cape and running full speed, and jumping and flapping my arms while the jacket acts like my wings.
    2.) Running full speed, and jumping, like mario brothers, and taking off into the sky.
    3.) Pretending to hold a video game controller and pushing buttons that will make me fly. (This worked with any video game that includes characters that fly.)
    4.) Using my mind power to levitate a couple feet into the air, and then, flying around using a swimming motion, or the power of my mind.
    5.) Imagine myself getting lighter and lighter, until gravity has no effect on me. Using my eyes as a camera angle in which I can make the earth below me seem farther and farther away, until I have a view from the clouds.
    6.) Imagine an imaginary angel, pixie, fairy, or whatever else you can think of that flies, as holding you and carrying u into the sky.

    These are just a few that I used, but it doesn’t really matter what technique u use, techniques to me are just bullshit. What really matters is that you must believe you can do it, and when it happens, not get too excited.

  3. Nathan Lee July 26, 2010 at 3:32 pm #

    i always thought that there is some sort of built in mind power in every one of us.

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