Electric Stimulation Therapy

11 Jun

Looking for information on electric stimulation therapy? Read below to learn about it’s history and how it’s used currently for a variety of muscle related treatments.

A Short History

Work with EST has paralleled with the advancement of technology that could control and leverage electricity. A device known as a Leyden Jar, invented in 1745 in Europe, allowed for electrical storage and was instrumental in performing new research with electricity. With the Leyden Jars, doctors were able to easily control and direct electrical stimulation to parts of the body.

Moving forward, over the next centure the Leyden Jar evolved into more of what we would consider a battery. These batteries allowed for even more efficient storage and directed use of electricity, and become widespread in clinics across the country for their therapuetic use.

In the late 1960’s, research was performed showing evidence that could be accepted by the scientific community, which had often skeptical of any health benefits beyond the palcebo effect for this type of therapy. This research showed that electrical stimulation therapy provided relief from chronic pain. (Source 1)

Today electric stimulation is used to treat a variety of muscle related conditions, from lower back pain to injured muscles, to rehabilitative practices.

My Personal Experience With Electric Stimulation Therapy

For a year I visited a chiropractic doctor and after adjusting my back, I was treated with EST. I actually really enjoyed how it felt to be zapped with these little volts of electricity. The sensation was amazing, and almost painful in a way but also very good feeling at the same time!

I would lie on my back after having these little patches stuck on my back which connected by to the electric stimulator machine and just revel in it. What was great is that I was able to control the amount of stimulation I received. I found this to be fun and also a way to meaningfully engage me as a patient instead of just someone passively receiving treatment.

Personally I feel that those EST sessions were more effective in treating my back pain that the actual adjustments my doctor did in treating the L1 portions of my spine where the pain originates from.

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How Electrical Stimulation Techniques Can Benefit You

Electrical stimulation therapy is associated with the following treatments or conditions:

  • managing acute pain
  • managing chronic pain
  • treating edema
  • illiciting muscle contraction
  • improving circulation
  • assisting in the healing process of wounds
  • improved muscle relaxation

Note: If you suffer from muscle pain, I will say that for me personally, strapping those little patches to my back connected to a electrical stimulator machine and cranking up the dial literally provided immediate relief from lower back pain. It was fantastic.


Technical Details

For those looking for technical details on EST, including the specific technical details on different types of treatments such as Iontophoresis, IFC, NEMS, and FENS, click here.

Where To Go For More Information

If you’re interested in learning more about managing pain or providing muscle relief through the use of electrical stimulation machines, talk to your doctor. If you work with a chiropractor or perhaps have a back pain clinic in your town, these would be excellent places to go to learn more.

If you’re interested in buying a stimlution device and pads to use at home, you may do so easily and affordably. For a look at what’s available, Click here to see a list of available EST machines.

Personal Devices and Home Devices

Looking for a machine you can easily operate at home to manage muscle pain? Click the link below!

Click here to find the lowest price on electric therapy machines you can use at home.

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