Electromagnetic Therapy Machine

12 Jun

The term “electromagnetic therapy” can refer to a number of possible health related practices:

In the field of alternative medicine, it refers to the use of treating pain, disease, and other health conditions through pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and electromagnetic radiation.

In relation to mainstream medicine, it can refer to two things:

PEMF therapy, which assists in bone growth and bone repair, amongst other things.

And bioelectromagnetics, which looks at how biological processes can be influenced by, and interact with, electromagnetic fields.

In this article we will look at this through the lense of alternative medicine practices and examining machines used alternative medicine clinics.

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Background Information

The theory behind this type of therapy is that the body’s existing electric and magnetic energy can be influenced by interacting with external devices that direct electricity, magnetics, microwave, and infrared energy to the body’s energy system. Supporters of electromagnetism believe that illness is related to an unbalanced energy system and that these devices can counteract, improve, or correct that balance, thus assisting in and promoting the healing process and restoring our natural state of health.

Also Known As…

Also note there are several names and therapies associated with electromagnetic therapy, such as:

  • electromagnetism
  • bioelectricity
  • magnetobiology
  • magnetic field therapy
  • magnetic healing

You may find these phrases used interchangeably when referring to various types of therapies, devices, machines, and treatments involving magnets and electricity.

Scientific Evidence

Like most treatments in alternative medicine, there is little scientific evidence (as in peer reviewed studies, clinical trials, and repeatable studies with repeatable results that verify conclusions) to support the claims made that this therapy can be used to treat illness.

Treatments and Conditions

On the other hand, proponents of this therapy believe it can be used treat a number of conditions, including:

  • headaches
  • chronic pain
  • ulcers
  • burns
  • asthma
  • sleep disorders

Most controversially, practitioners also claim effectiveness in treating:

  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • cerebral palsy

Electromagnetic Therapy Machines

Wow, Good information on these machines is hard to come by!

In researching this subject and trying to find out what was out there, I also discovered that they are far more expensive than I would have thought – as in many thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. They are also not as easy to buy online as I would’ve thought either.

I am indebted to PEMFT.org for providing information on different electromagnetic therapy machine types. They seem to be one of the only sites on the internet compiling this information. You can go there to learn more about the machines below.

  • MRS 2000
  • Bemer 3000
  • QRS Quantron
  • Ondamed
  • Magnopro

Note: I will be editing this page later with more information on these machines and others. In the meantime, if you’ve got experience with electromagnetic therapy machines, please leave a comment and share. What machine did you use? What were you intending to use it for? What was your experience and results?

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