EtG Alcohol Testing

10 Aug

ETG alcohol testing detects the presence of ethanol metabolites in urine to determine if a person has been drinking or not.

As you probably know, ethanol is found in all alcohol beverages. As alcohol goes through the body it is metabolized, and like many drug tests, the identification of the corresponding metabolite is the marker resulting in either a positive or negative drug test result.

Below we will clarify a bit more on how EtG alcohol testing is conducted while looking detection times/detection levels, reliability concerns and false positives, the cost of testing, as well as the problem of how to pass or cheat the test.

How Alcohol Testing is Done

As mentioned, drug tests are conducted by identifying the presence of the drug itself or the drug metabolite in the body – or rather, in the sample taken from the body. Alcohol testing operates in the same manner, in which the tests looks for the presence of the ethanol metabolite, which is called Ethyl Glucuronide. Additionally, the presence of a second metabolite known as Ethyl Sulfate, or EtS, is sometimes used as an additional marker. Testing for both metabolites increases the reliability of the results as well as reducing the likelihood of bad results – i.e. a false positive, while also increasing the cost/price per test.

The 80 Hour Alcohol Test?

If you’ve heard people speak of an “80 hour alcohol test”, this is in reference to EtG alcohol testing. It gives an indication in regards to how long alcohol stays in urine. Let’s take a closer look at this subject.

Detection Times

While some factors can influence the detection time, it’s generally understood that alcohol can be detected in the urine through metabolite identification between 60 hours and 80 hours after drinking.

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Reliability and The Problem of False Positives

EtG alcohol tests are incredibly sensitive and good at identifying the drug metabolites from alcohol. Ironically, this is also the problem with EtG tests as alcohol is found not just in beer, wine, and liquor, but in various household products including hand saniters, mouthwash, cough syrup medicine, and many other day to day products. The tests are so sensitive that alcohol from these products can and often do result in a false positive on the results. This makes the use of court ordered EtG alcohol testing for probation problematic, as well as its use as for employment drug screening or random drug testing while employed a real cause for concern.

Cut Off Levels and Detection Rates

How much alcohol present will show a positive result? For GC/MS tests, Redwood Toxicology report the detection rate for alcohol at .02 gm/dL. (Source)

Some tests adjust the cut off detection rate to detect higher amounts of alcohol only in order to eliminate the chance of false positives. For example, this 80 hour test from US Health Tests uses a 500 ng/ml cut off rate.

Passing Your EtG Alcohol Test

If you want to know how to pass an EtG alcohol test, the obvious answer is to not drink any alcohol for about a week prior to taking the test. To be on the safe side, avoid coming in contact with any products that contain ethanol.

With the assistance of a lawyer, many people who have failed an EtG test are able to have the results dismissed through leveraging the problems associated with its unreliability, as described above.

The problem of cheating on drug tests is widespread, particular in urine tests for alcohol and marijuana, with varying rates of success. GNC products for passing EtG alcohol tests are well known, as is the submission of fake urine or clean (but real) urine samples belonging to someone other than the test taker.

Where to Buy an EtG Alcohol Test

Here’s a list of EtG/EtS alcohol testing kits available for purchase online. Click the picture below to buy, find the lowest price, or simply to learn more about each test kit. Also included are other methods, such as hair alcohol tests, that may be of interest.

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