Food Processor AND Juicer?

19 May

Looking for a food processor AND a juicer? On this page we’ll look at a couple good options you have for a two in one combo juicer/food processor machine!

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At first I was skeptical there could be such a wonderful grand combination machine that does the two things I do ALL THE TIME with TWO DIFFERENT MACHINES (my omega 8003 and my quaint little 2 cup cuisineart food processor), but it turns out I was (mostly) wrong.

Let’s take a look at we’ve found for our first food processor juicer review post.

The Juiceman JM1000M Juiceman Express

Take a closer look at the Juiceman Express.

This” Juice Extractor and Food Processor” has a number of benefits:

It seriously is a functional combination unit – it truly is a food processor juicer. That being said, like all combo units, they probably function mainly as a juicer and secondly as a food processor, but this one gets the job done for both pretty well. And as far as food processors go, it gives you 9 cups to work with. That’s a lot! (I use a 2 cup food processor most of the time and often wish I had double or triple the space.)

It has a 3 inch wide mouth for feeding fruits and vegetables. As someone who has a juicer with something like a 1″ opening for everything that goes into it, I can tell you that I do A LOT of chopping before I can juice. Having such a big mouth means you simply don’t have to chop up as much stuff before juicing – saving you both time and crumbs from chopping up veggies.

It’s powered by 450 watts. Respectable.

It’s easy to clean. And almost every part is dishwasher safe. (Although this begs the question…why not make EVERY part dishwasher safe?) I can’t emphasize enough how buying a juicer whose reputation is easy to clean is something you will be rewarded with many, many times over. When you use a juicer regularly, the last thing you want to do is spend more time than you need to cleaning it.

It comes with a 2 year warranty. This is good. You don’t really want to invest in any juicer/food processor that doesn’t carry some time of warranty.

As with pretty much any juicer worth the price, it can make juice with anything from apples, oranges, pineapple, melon,  and grapes to tomatoes, celery stalks, cucumbers, and carrots. (Note: If you have a particular interest in juicing carrots, see my article on buying a carrot juicer.)

How much does a The Juiceman JM1000M Juiceman Express cost?

The price is real good – you can usually buy it for under $100.

Click here to find the lowest price on the Juiceman Express.

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After reviewing other combo units, the Juiceman Express is the only combination juicer + food processor I can recommend.

In researching this article, I learned of a number of other dual units, but guess what?

They all stink.

I think the problem is the it’s better to just buy a good juicer and good food processor. Most just can’t pull the job off well. The Juiceman Express is the only one I can find that works for both and does it well.

For reference sake, here’s a few you should NOT buy, even if the price is right:

The Bullet Express Meal Maker Trio
– A so-called “Mixer, Food Processor and Juicer in One Amazing Machine”, but all reviews to this thing keep circling bunch to one theme: it’s a piece of junk.

The Handy Gourmet 5 in 1 Juicer/Food Processor: For $30, I would expect this thing to maybe work as a blender or a food processor – because you can get decent ones in that price range – but somewhere along the line, in trying to combine all 5 functions – juicing, chopping, grinding, mincing, and mixing (isn’t mixing just another way of, um, doing the other 3 things?) – everything went wrong. All the reviews online of the Handy Gourmet 5 in 1 unit say one thing: it stinks.

Cuisinart BFP-703CH SmartPower Duel Blender/Food Processor, I feel little bad putting this one on the same list as the junk above, because it’s not nearly as bad. But for almost $100, you expect Cuisineart to come out with something that’s gonna rock right? This combo unit is plagued with problems: it’s super loud, the blender function is simply not good at blending, and worst of all, many people simply report there’s as breaking. And oh yea, it’s a blender/food processor, not a juicer/food processor.

I would love to be able to recommend some additional food processor juicer units in this article. If you’ve got one you like, please leave a comment below and tell us about it. I gotta believe there’s a few others out there beyond the Juicerman Express that are pretty good!

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