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9 Aug

After putting together the No Bullshit List of Free Binaural Beats, it occurred to me that there are a number of people uploading binaural beat mp3s to Youtube, coupled with trippy, psychedelic graphics. I’ve never spent too much time watching these videos in the past because I want to do 2 things always when doing a brainwave entrainment session: close my eyes & lie down. =)

BUT what I think it’s good for is getting a general introduction to what these things sound like and just what it is you’re buying or downloading, before you do either.


You can convert the audio from any of these videos to an mp3, for free, using FireFox and installing the YouTube Mp3 Add-on. This is what I personally use and it works great.

Videos Using Music with Binaural Beats

Here are videos using binaural beats, most of them layered with music and other relaxing sounds.

Tranquil Dreams Cosmoses – Theta Meditation & Delta Sleep

Delta Waves Subliminal Journey

BrainSync Theta Wave With Fractals Video

Delta/Theta/Gamma Binaural Beat Meditation Video

Videos using Isochronic Tones

Here are videos using isochronic tones. This is what it sounds like when using a Sound and light Machine like the Sirius Mind Machine. Personally I prefer this over the musical binaural beats above.

Alpha Brainwave Entrainment I

Alpha Brainwave Entrainment II

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