The No Bullshit List of Free Binaural Beats

9 Aug

Photo by Gisela Giardino

Due to the number of similar lists online that are total crap, I am making what I call the…

No Bullshit List of Free Binaural Beats.

If any of the links turn spammy or sketchy, let me know and I will remove it.

Please add more places, tips, etc in the comments section.

I know this list is a little small at the moment. I’m still looking for good resources to add.

Free Binaural Beats

Here’s a collection of places you can download, stream, or make free binaural beats.

  • SBaGen Brainwave Generator – This is a free program for making binaural beats. It’s been around forever. It’s open source and it’s pretty awesome, although it’s not very user friendly for the casual user.
  • SleepphonesThis page here has 6 different binaural beat mp3s you can download for free. No registration required, just simply right click and save as. They give these away as part of their promotion of their main product, which are some rather comfortable and neat looking sleep headphones that I would love to try/review someday. 
  • Binaural Beats iTunes App – A free binaural beats app with good reviews. Please let us know if you’ve used this one, I’m really curious and I love seeing new technology like this for brainwave entrainment. 
  • DeltaBox – Here’s an interesting archive of binaural beats from the Internet Community Audio Archive. Stream or download them as mp3s here. Also click here to see another half dozen or so files that are tagged with “binaural beat” in the Audio Archive. 
  • DIY Dharma has two albums you can stream or download. Check it out – it’s called Binaural Beats for Transcendence – Album 1 and Album 2.
  • The Meditation Podcast: oh this is very clever. It’s a meditation podcast combined with binaural beats. Stream or download their episodes here. This looks really awesome.


Other Resources

Here are some other resources for binaural beats. These are not free – although many offer free samples – and (hopefully) this makes a good supplement to the list above.

  • Brainwave Mind Voyages – Huge selection of binaural beats, run by an awesome guy named Marc VanDeKeere. Back in 2006 I did an interview with him here and he was really cool about it.
  • Mentallion – Another shop but they have extensive 15 minute samples you can download for free without registering. Then, if you’d like, you can buy a longer 45 minute version.
  • CenterPointe will send you a free Holosync CD by filling out the info on this page. I have this CD and I’m almost baffled by how quickly I felt relaxed. I question myself, was it psychosomatic or really the CD?

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