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3 Jul

This page will be updated regularly with links to FREE podcasts, radio shows, and other audio downloads (interviews, lectures, etc) related to dreams and lucid dreaming, entheogens/psychedelics, and brain/consciousness/mind stuff.

If a link is broken or if you have something to suggest I add, please email me.



PS The best part of this is many of these are mp3s, meaning you can download them and listen to them anywhere from your iPod or mp3 player. Yeah!  🙂

Last Updated: July 3, 2008.



Steve Pavlina Podcasts on Lucid Dreaming & Consciousness

from Steve Pavlina: Personal Development for Smart People

Steve Pavlina has 20 awesome podcasts available for free on his blog. You can check them all out here.

Here are three great ones to start with:

Lucid Dreaming

“This podcast addresses the fascinating subject of lucid dreaming, which is the ability to retain full conscious awareness while you dream. And best of all, this one is conducted by my wife Erin, who first taught me how to have lucid dreams when we met in 1994.”

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Overcoming Fear

This is a brilliant hour long + podcast that gets into some very deep concepts related to self/non-self and our (false) construction of an external reality, and from this angle, overcoming fear with an understanding of its false foundations. Awesome!

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The True Nature of Reality

Steve Pavlina brings together “concepts of intention-manifestation, the Law of Attraction, and subjective reality to explain how they relate to each other.” This is the most interesting stuff I’ve seen about this hip buzzword concept known as The Law of Attraction. Pavlina really get into some deep thinking here in this hour long podcast.

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NeuroSoup Psychedelic Podcasts


4 Free podcasts by K. Cole of Neurosoup. Podcasts are between 15-30 minutes long.

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Integrating the Psychedelic Experience (mp3 download)
Group Tripping (mp3 download)
Sex and Psychedelics (mp3 download)
Candy Flipping (mp3 download)

Dreamtime With Robert Hoss

from Voice of America Radio Shows

A 28 week series on dreams and dreamwork by researchers, psychologists and other professionals in the field. Contains 14 shows on the research and science of dreaming”

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Podcast Archive

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BBC Radio: All in The Mind


Exploring the limits and potential of the mind

Podcast with dozens of shows online for free from 2006 to the present relating to the mind.
Here’s an example of one of their shows:

“Claudia Hammond takes a trip into the world of psychedelic drug.”

It’s nearly 40 years since LSD was made illegal, but now there’s growing scientific interest in studying hallucinogenic drugs. In the 50s LSD was believed to be a wonder drug and used widely in psychiatry to treat conditions from depression to addiction.

In this week’s programme Claudia finds out about the new research underway using psychedelics, and asks whether modern psychiatry is really the place for drugs like LSD, magic mushrooms and Ecstasy.

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All in the Mind archive

National Public Radio: The Savvy Traveler Show

The Journey of Ayahuasca Tea
by John Rieger

The search for spiritual enlightenment is a growing sector of modern travel There’s a new spiritual center developing in Iquitos, Peru. There, on the edge of the Peruvian Amazon jungle, a special sort of traveler is seeking out a powerful medicine made by the local shaman there. “Ayahuasca Tea” is a potent psychedelic that you drink under the guidance of a spiritual guide. Reporter John Rieger went in search of Ayahuasca, which is believed to heal broken souls.

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MAPS Lecture Series

Psychedelic Research Panel: A Vision for the 21st Century

“This panel presents an overview of the current state of psychedelic research, which is undergoing a small renaissance”

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Hallucinogens and Transpersonal Medicine.

“This talk will examine the continued relevance of hallucinogens to the transpersonal fields, and will pose the question of whether the long discarded psychedelic research model can be revived within contemporary mainstream psychiatry and medicine. The shamanic role of plant hallucinogens as The Great Medicine in indigenous people will be discussed, as will their subsequent invalidation and oppression at the hands of dominant Euro-American culture…”

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Mp3 download – Part 2

The Effects of Psilocybin on Patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

“Anecdotal reports suggest that the psychedelic substance psilocybin helps to relieve symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder during and after the acute psychedelic experience.”

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Mp3 download – Part 1

Mp3 download – Part 2

Transpersonal Psychopharmacology: The Re-emergence of Sacred Sacraments as Modern Medicines

“Psychedelic substances can be used as tools of self-discovery, sacred sacraments, and/or recreational drugs….[ ] ..This talk details intended investigations with MDMA for the terminally ill and with peyote for Native American substance abuse.”

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Mp3 download – Part 1

Mp3 download – Part 2

Anatomy of a Nightmare


from NPR: Talk of the Nation

Today, we’ll talk to The New York Times science columnist Natalie Angier about why we have nightmares in the first place and the evolutionary function they serve; and to Kelly Buckeley, dream interpreter extraordinaire.

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Stephen LaBerge on Coast to Coast Radio Show

Coast to Coast Radio

Stephen LaBerge has been on this radio show 3 times.

Show Descriptions:

“Psychophysiologist Dr. Stephen La Berge joined his associate at the Lucidity Institute, Dominick Attisani, to discuss how science is researching consciousness via the laboratory of the mind and lucid dreaming”

“Dr. Stephen LaBerge, the founder of the Lucidity Institute, discussed how lucid dreaming can enhance individual lives.”

“Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. is a world-renowned authority on lucid dreaming. His pioneering studies at Stanford University have brought scientific attention to this potentially illuminating state of consciousness.”

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Coast to Coast Show Page

Note: requires registration.

Why We Dream


from NPR: Talk of the Nation

Guests inclues Allan Hobson and Rosalind Cartwright.

“Dream interpretation has been a popular pastime since Biblical times. This century, Freud brought a quasi-scientific authority to the practice, and the imprint of psychoanalysis on the way we look at dreams has been hard to shake. The intense nature of dreams leads us to think they must have some significance, but is there really a scientific basis for dream analysis? Join Melinda Penkava and guests for a look at why we dream, and if dreams have meaning.”

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100th Anniversary of Freud’s The Interpretations of Dream


from NPR: Talk of the Nation

“In this hour, we’ll take a look back at Freud’s ideas about dreams and dreaming, and talk about whether today’s brain science backs up those ideas, or calls them into question.”

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Real Audio Stream

Also: NPR’s All Things Considered did an 8 minute segment on the same story. Click here for the stream.

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  1. Sasha May 20, 2010 at 11:40 am #

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    Definite cause of concern, as Ayurveda is increasingly being used around the world to treat various disorders such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, ulcers and many others.

    Some herbs that have been identified are – Ulteria salicfolia, Hydnocarpus pentandra, Gymnocladus assamicus, and Begonia tessaricarpa.

    Conservation of traditional herbs and plants should become a high priority for all. Challenge
    becomes more severe as many of these herbs grow in the wild and are not cultivated.

    Planet Green (a venture) reported on this earlier this month.

    More details on the Ayurveda Group blog (

    Direct link to the blog post

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    Thanks. Nice list. I find it hard to find dream related podcasts.

  3. Ben June 7, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

    Glad you like the list! I put this online so long ago without a response, I didn’t think aynone would ever find it. =) I hope the dream podcasts and whatnot are still active.

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